Friday, April 6


Seriously it’s the most unexpected thing that can happen to me coz I study in such an insty where I hate everything about it. Ask my best friend and he’ll tell u how much I complain about my college. But a strange thing happened n now I actually started liking my insty. Well I joined this Techno-preneurship Training Program (TET) conducted by VITTBI and I love it. It’s the missing link of my restlessness. Here I m taught the basics of starting my own business – from finding a business opportunity to marketing the product.

Its love at first sight. From day1 it’s a magical tour for me. Every moment of these classes I learn something new. And I m enjoying the whole experience. It’s generally after my class hours. From 5pm it sometimes extends up to 9pm. And hey I m not complaining about the dinners I missed or my basketball practices or hanging out with my friends. The whole idea of starting my own business actually scared me in the beginning. But now that I know its same feeling for any damn entrepreneur, I m no longer scared to take a dive in the business world. Infact my first business venture is in its incubation period. I m not an MBA (nor intend to be one!!), so I m vulnerable to making mistakes in my first venture. But I love to learn my lessons always the hard way. It’s a real time challenge and nothing excites me more than a tough challenge.

Number crunching in finance class or solving the tricky case studies actually makes my day. Besides, the numerous camps and seminars I attended have opened a new vista for me. And the best part is I m meeting people from the business world. Industrialists, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, marketing scholars…you name it. Just sitting next to them and sharing their experiences is euphoric. There is so much to learn from them. Its like I m an empty glass which never gets full. I remember my Taekwondo Master saying “Never stop learning. If u ever have to bow ur head in front of someone to gain knowledge never give a second thought. Go for it”. And its so true.

Business world is my world. This is where I belong. It’s a tough and lonely road ahead. But who cares? After all its what I love. And nothing else matters.

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