Saturday, May 8

Being 24

I turn 24 today..woohoo! Unlike my girlfriends, who has issues with the addition of a new candle in their cakes of life..I am not at all ashamed of growing older(although I prefer being a bit more wiser!). Maybe ‘coz I haven’t got my wrinkles yet? Well I can wait till 40 to crib about it. Anyways today I am going to celebrate my 23 years of existence. Not trying to dramatize the drama here, but the journey was really exciting. I mean I’ve learned a lot in these years. I could almost compare it to a sleazy Bollywood movie- there was drama, action, romance, tragedy! I couldn’t ask for more. I would really like to give a big hug and a kiss to that scriptwriter up there for making each moment of my full of surprises. One moment I m on top of the world, the next, I am on a free fall. There was never a moment or one particular situation that remained static for me. Keeps me at the edge of my seat, and so I end up eating more than I could chew. Call me greedy, but I have come in terms with myself of going to live every moment to the fullest. ‘coz there is this huge Billboard stuck in my head which reads, “ You never know whats gonna hit u next? Stay tuned for the next big shit, baby!”

Now this shit has been both good and bad. Remember, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger?? I have learnt, the hard way, that every kick below the belt may take your breathe away, but so does the “special” moments. Either way you just can’t stop breathing if they cease to exist. That’s what you get for 23 years of being me! And I am glad it gave me nothing, but a new-found independence. I, no longer, am part of the Declaration of Dependence that I signed 10 years ago. As a 14 year old kid, I carried around a huge baggage of doubts and fears. But the more I see, the more I learn to get rid of my emotional crippledom. And finally after all these years, I think I can part me of getting cured. Yes, old fears do lead to news one but I guess life has taught me to sober down. So my next free fall would be more like spreading my wings and say “aane de”.

Its amazing to see how much my life has changed past 10 years. Talk about being on a topsy-turvy ride. But then it wouldn’t have been possible without all the people who had been, are and going to be part of my life. Thank you all! Its worth mentioning that the thank-you even goes out to those who could no longer be a part of this celebration called my-life. I have no regret or remorse knowing you all, ‘coz if you didn’t leave me then, I wouldn’t be able to welcome the new wonderful people to enter my life now. And trust me, this is not the 12-step program I am going through, its just the downside of being happy! And I have learnt to fight for happiness. But my biggest Thank-you goes to one woman, who was actually responsible for making my 24 happen.. but more on her tomorrow. ;)

But whats its worth, birthday is one day when I can actually have the cake and eat it too. Plus all the 1001 FB notifications have taught me two things: People cares, and I am getting old coz I ran outta breath saying Thank you’s :P

P.S. I don’t feel a day older than 16 though!

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