Tuesday, March 20

Big apple… Britain…. Big brother…. Brown… "B" factor surely affects us

That's the crap we have been reading for "quite" sometime. Seriously it's a worthy piece of shit 'coz every one is having a good time from it. Right from the celebrity herself to the readers. It's a beautiful chain reaction. We Indians are always good at making issues (literally n biologically too!!) I mean aren't we the ones who love kissing the phirangis' white asses since they first landed on our soil. No doubt the British left is us in 1947 but we surely did follow them back to their homes(like faithful dogs!!).

I don't know what's wrong with the so called "rich n famous n intellectuals" of our country. Why are they so prone to kissing white asses n become proud immigrants in foreign lands?? Fine! U get good money, better lifestyle….blah blah blah and what! Hordes of racist remarks and slave treatments!! And I don't blame the whites for this. U know why?? 'Coz they are so used to Indians behaving no better than slaves. Whether u are a businessman in Britain or a Silicon Valley worker or a celebrity or just a college student they will always laugh at ur back. They don't give a damn being called as racists. 'Coz they know very well that at the end of the day we need to come crawling back to them. Doesn't the value of dollar decide how many Indians will get to have their dinner tonight?

But media is giving a different picture altogether. I mean look at this sequence of headlines: "Shilpa faces racist slurs in celebrity show", "Indians around the world protest at the misbehavior of the house inmates", "British condemns Goody's behavior", "Goody apologises to the world", "Shilpa wins the Big Brother", "Shilpa meets the queen", "Goody comes down to India", "Commons all praise for Shilpa"….. And on and on…

I mean what crap picture is media painting to us. Don't they know we Indians love being insulted. Our forefathers happily received it and we are just following their steps. Now look at this irony. The British leaders are calling "our" Shilpa (pun intended) an "epitome of grace"… hey wait a minute! Aren't they from the same families who called Gandhi the " naked fakir"?? Poor white men! Look what all they have to do to save their dirty white asses!!

Now look at us. At this moment there is so-called "uprising" among us. And we are fighting for our human rights, condemning racism. But how long do u think will this continue? Unless we believe in ourselves and "we can do it on our own" becomes the mantra , these are of no help. Now I m not talking about total isolation but I m saying no to "decent slavery". I agree ours is not a perfect country, but we can actually work for it. Look at our Japanese friends. Their "been there, done that" attitude have catapulted them to the topmost slot amongst the Asians. Now people if u think u had enough of "ass kissing", its time that u do a bit more of "kicking asses" and show them what u are made of. I m ready…. are you??

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Thursday, March 15

Is this heaven?

Ever felt rain on ur face and sunshine too at the same time? For one fraction of second your whole body shivers and then…u smile. Hmmm… I don’t know what heaven is, but maybe it feels like this. Well I was thinking of my summer trip to Gangtok. It was awesome. As the bus was moving through the winding mountain roads, I swear it was one of my best trysts with nature. Ya, I m a nature lover and the mountains tops my list. So as I was saying, it started raining lightly though it was sunny. (I loovve the “sun n rain” combo pack.) You see I had the advantage of occupying the entire last seat of the bus (by the way, there were hardly 20 people in it!!).So I opened the windows there, at the expense of getting disapproving looks from the passengers. But who cares??? That was my moment and I didn’t let it go. And I had my trip to heaven. The scenery was outrageously beautiful. I mean you can see river Teesta below flowing madly, the tall dark green pines passing by and my oh my smell of rain on dry earth!! Adding flavors to it, the sun was just peeking through the clouds …this whole conspiracy seemed straight out of the Wordsworths or the Robert Frosts. Incidentally at that moment my Discman was playing Shania Twain’s “C’est la vie”. Slightly soaked in rain and humming one of my favorites, I felt detached. No boredom, no tensions of “how to survive the remaining semesters at VIT”, I was almost flying. (remember the Krackjack ad!!) Suddenly I was smiling by myself. (Yeah the passengers gave me a “she’s a mental” look.)Now thinking about it, I remember these lines by Robert Frost:

“These woods are lovely,
Dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep.

And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”

Promises???...... Nah! Not exactly, rather compulsion. Like completing my “donkey load” of pending lab work which I need to complete tonight before I get thrown out of the lab tomorrow (again?!?!). Ah! Reality hits real hard. Now back to work….. (With loads of grumblin and cussin…)

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Tuesday, March 6

the beauty of "letting it go"

all of our lives we tend to do stuff what others will like.eons ago many wise "dinos" said "we live for others". i say "bullshit". coz the moment u start pleasing others ...do stuff stuff what they like..u lose ur individuality..unknowingly u become sad...by the time u realise its all too late...the beautiful moments are gone when u could have enjoyed your life...but the bloody society will praise u saying" u sacrificed ur life for whomsoever it was"...and you will have a sense of false happiness..
my question is"why to sacrifice ur happiness for some petty praises??" instead why don't we jus live every moment for ourselves..doing what we like and giving a damn what others will say(gotta take a lot of risk here)...but then the so-called"conscience"(very much influenced by the society!!)will kindda say "hey man dats being selfish!!" and we hold ourselves back and never dare to take dat risk again...so whoz the loser here we or the society??

hence i believe that the moment we let go of this we are sure to be the happiest souls on earth.religion teaches the exact opposite and so i lost faith in it.it always holds us back from what we want.so why can't we be free like the air??or the animals in the jungle??just be free from such invisible cages...

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Saturday, March 3

this is not a poem....

they love to hate us,
they mock at us,
they do their best to crush us,
'coz they know they can never be us,
for we are the "born fighters"
life is a never-ending war for us,
nothing is ever easy for us,
we strive n fail
but never give up...
'coz we always get what we want
maybe in the hardest way,
n hell we are proud to say
"we don't need no godfathers" anyway....

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