Wednesday, April 27

Why India needs 7 star prison facilties

While different countries are coming up with pompous state-of-the-art designs for buildings to mark their economic, technical and political hold in the world, India should focus on upgrading its prison facilities. Why?

With the recent "arrested development" of the country's corrupted Who's-Who, there is no dum in the prison facilities like Tihar. India's prisons now houses A-list inmates like ex-cabinet ministers - A Raja and Suresh Kalmadi, besides business honchos like Shahid Balwa, Vinod Goenka, Sanjay Chandra, Ramalinga Raju, and several other high-profile "chors and luteraas". A business-class is now a must in prisons. For you never know who will grace the prisondom hereafter(I m pretty sure Tamil Nadu's first family is next on the list)!

I m not sure what punishment is suitable for disgracing the nation. But these high-profile goons should never be let out of prison in their lifetime. Infact all the corrupted rich should invest in something called "prison-plan" rather than the usual retirement plans. The prison plan money can be used to build grand correction facilities that will include spas, beauty salons, gyms,presidential suites, honeymoon suites for couple miscreants(Talwars, anyone?), wine and good food served à la carte...infact a Hilton at Prison is not at all a bad idea! Atleast the black money in their Swiss bank accounts can be used to have a better prison life. Also nothing good can ever come out of blood money; even when used for society's cause it will carry the stain. Hence it should be perished with the owner.

I personally do not support crime and corruption, but sometimes one resorts to weirdest of ideas with the hope of keeping the neighborhood clean. If a 7 star correction facility can attract these high profile goons out of the streets, then why not? Maybe tomorrow the common man might get a chance to live in a much less corrupted society!

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Monday, April 25

Love in the times of Obesity

"Lets grow fat together" sounds really romantic and cute....but only in Hallmark cards! Because after sometime it becomes "lets grow fat and unhappy together"(courtesy: end of a year)..which might have the worst possible outcome of "till obesity do us part".

Sounds selfish, eh? I m sure I ticked all the ladies reading this post. You are possibly arguing this very second with -"this can't possibly happen to me!"

But it is happening. Unfortunately. Research shows not only are married people more likely to become obese than those who are single, but young people who are in committed relationships tend to pack on the pounds too. Obviously staying single can't be the solution. Nor picking on your partner is!

Often, I hear most of my girlfriends complain how their respective boyfriends criticizes them for gaining weight. My only question for the girls - why do you let yourself face that amount of self loathing? There are only two solutions for that - a) dump the guy. b) Get enrolled in a fitness program. Not to impress anyone, but yourself. Staying fit is a serious commitment. It should not start or end with respect to your love life.

As for guys who are seriously concerned with their girlfriends' health, you should actively participate in it too and help her. Criticism alone will not help, it will just make things worse. Do not expect her to go on a salad diet, while you are enjoying your munchies with your beer diet. It doesn't work that way. Amy Gorin, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Connecticut, published a study in 2008 that showed if one partner participates in a weight-loss program, the unenrolled partner tends to lose about 5 lb. As a couple if you support each other, you both can lose pounds and stay fit - how about some "Lets grow healthy and happy together" times?

Now girls, when I mentioned staying fit, I did not mean unhealthy and artificial ways to stay slim. The worst, even though quickest and easiest method to lose weight is, dieting. I can rant on and on how much harm you do to your body by excessive dieting. Just to fit in your little black dress or get married in a week, you need not get suicidal with your body. What I have observed is that, dieting often leaves you with stretch marks in places you don't want and a funnel-shaped body. But my scariest red-alert for you is - "Gravity: This time its personal."(TMI ??!)

As for the singletons dealing with weight issues, you guys need a workout buddy. She's the one who'll force you to exercise away those extra calories. She'll motivate you to run - "just one more lap" or do "a few more crunches". She can be worse than a task master, but when you see the stunning effect it's had on you, you know exactly who to thank. In this case, its your friendly neighborhood T-F-L!

Happy burning those calories!!

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Sunday, April 24

Tongue-Fu now has a face!

And a new blog too! Stalk the traveller in me in my new travel blog here

On my face..Finally I outgrew my upside-down blog image. And now its the real me. More like coming out of iPhoto closet. And I have to blame my new "going to be 25" avatar, for this. Oh how excited I am to enter the first quarter of my life!(more on that later). Plus I recently got a fresh lease of life.(promise to talk about it soon!!!) I guess 25 will add a whole new KISS KISS BANG BANG chapter in my life.

Follow me as I unfold this chapter!

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