Thursday, January 11

what do you do...

well what do u do when things go terribly wrong when u r on d verge of winning,when mind gets blocked at the point when it needs 2 b at its best,and most importantly when u don't know why this is happening to you simply say "thank you life for the misery" and give up ...or u simply hold on 4 a ray of hope??

confusion..confusion...holy shit!! somebody show me the way....i m totally lost...dead end..

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Sunday, January 7

When chocolate cake weds fresh cream..

You are my fire,
The one desire,
Believe when i say
I want it that way....
Sounds like a Backstreet Boys songs huh? But this is my humble ode to this epitome of beauty-FRESH CREAM BLACK FOREST CAKE...yummm..

This 4 inch chocolate paradise is covered with 2 inch of fresh white cream sprinkled with chocolate chips and fresh red cherries.
Bite 1. Your heart does bungee jumping.
Bite 2. Along with the chocolate, your heart melts too.
Bite 3. You are in trance.
Bite 4. You attain Nirvana.

Excerpts from life. If food can kill with pleasure, this is one of the deadliest fusions on earth.

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Saturday, January 6

the next amazing story....

mind u people out there...the next amazing story to be published in this blog will be MY STORY...and i mean it...muhahaha(wicked high pitched witchy laughter)....unleash the monster within!!

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