Thursday, December 31

It take 3(idiots) to tango!

Yes..I am too bitten by the Idiotmania! (Maina ko Mania ho gaya..hehehe) As Sid says, "What an end to the year!" No doubt, kudos to Mr. Aamir Perfectionist Khan and the cast, but I would like to thank two two other guys who made it happen.

Director Rajkumar Hirani for one. The man drove the nation frenzy with "Jaddu ki Jhappi"(Magical hug) earlier and now "All izz well". True, Aamir co-directed "3 idiots", but thanks to Hiranisaab for taking this project. Seriously, Amritsar se Amrica hil gaya!(oops, SRK don't kill me) . I mean who comes out with philosophy like, Jab Life Ho Out of Control, Dil Pe Haath Rakh Ke Bol All Iz Well...(when life goes out of control, put your hand on your heart and say, All is well) . We Indians are very emotional people, and the director did a good job in touching our hearts with some of the best one-liners in the movie. I mean where in world, can you make the entire audience cheer, clap and sing in a movie? Its was definitely the Veni Vidi Vici moment for the entire cast of 3 idiots. Yes, a great end to 2009.

Last but not the least, I like to thank Chetan Bhagat, the mind who conspired and then inspired the creation of 3 idiots. If 5 point someone didn't happen, Bollywood would not have witnessed this Idiotmania. Apparently, the writer was not happy 'coz they didn't mention his name in the movie credits. Agreed, the movie was not a complete adaptation of the book but the storyline was somewhat borrowed. It was really unfair not to mention his name. It was his brainchild afterall. Chetan, koi nai..your fans acknowledge your sheer genius.

With this, I will take a bow and thank Bollywood for giving the nation a reason to laugh, cry,sing and dance together thereby somewhat creating a diversion from the depressing anti-elements news around. India, tussi great ho... for everything!

This being my last post for the year 2009, I would also like to thank all my blog homies for reading my blog and giving their valuable comments. I have/had a great time knowing y'all. Hope "All izz well" with you guys and Have a Rocking 2010! =)

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Saturday, December 12

Follow you into the dark

He pulled the car into the driveway. She ran down the stairs to let him in.

It will be alright. Breathe.Now, smile. And it did radiate the room as she opened the door.

...I knew it will be alright, that drop of sun never fails... And he smiled back.

"Happy Anniversary, honey!"

"Happy Anniversary, love. Wow! that was quite a hug. Is it like my last?"

Yes baby. "C'mon, can't a wife hug her husband without being questioned?"

"Sorry my bad..You look beautiful."

"Well, thank you. So how was your day?"

"It was bloody hectic, now that Christmas is around the corner. The boss is making us take extra shifts."

"Well you can always tell your boss that you married his daughter. And you need to be at home early."

" that my colleagues make fun of me?"

"C'mon, they are simply jealous. After all, you got the boss's daughter. Not them."

"We will see."

"Hey why don't you take a shower, while I heat the dinner?"

"Nah, I am good. Lemme help you set the table-candles,music and wine, what say?

"Still wooing your wife after 5 years of marriage?"

" A man's gotta do what he gotta do to make his wife happy."

She laughed as she walked into the kitchen.

Few minutes later.

"Come.Dinner is served. "

" smells good."

"Trust me, it tastes even better. I used your mom's recipe."

"Did I say how amazing you are?I love you."

"I love you too."

"5 years, eh? Never thought I would get so lucky."

"Why don't you start eating before the food gets cold? We can sweet talk after that."

"Ummm...this is delicious. You sure its just my mom's recipe? Nothing extra?"

"Well it has my secret ingredient-Love."

"Cheers to that! Do you like the wine?"

"Its fantastic. Much better than the '99 vintage. Hey whats wrong?"

"My hand has gone numb."

"You ok?"

"My heart aches. Call the ambulance."

She smiles. "Not so soon, sweetheart."

"What have you done?"

"2 years. 2 bloody years you have been maintaining a secret bank account. When were you planning to leave me?" She sipped some more wine.

"Please call the ambulance. The money was for our future, for you and the kids."

"Don't you lie anymore! Ah! my heart..did you?" The glass slips from her hand.

"Your drink was poisoned too."

Suddenly they both bursts into fits of wild laughter.

"How did we get so good?"

"I am surprised that it still works after 5 years."

"Never thought we would kill each other the same way."

"It like you snatched the thoughts outta my mind."

"The same way you always took words from my lips."

"I love you. See you in another life, honey."

"I love you too. GoodBye for now."

Somewhere in the room, the music player starts playing...

"Love of mine some day you will die
But I'll be close behind
I'll follow you into the dark

No blinding light or tunnels to gates of white
Just our hands clasped so tight
Waiting for the hint of a spark
If Heaven and Hell decide
That they both are satisfied
Illuminate the NOs on their vacancy signs

If there's no one beside you
When your soul embarks
Then I'll follow you into the dark..."

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Tuesday, December 8

What happens when you OD on someone?

...its equally bad as when you OD on drugs. Helen Fisher tells you why . So is there actually a cupid or some kind of Magic, or just plain biology gone astray?

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Sunday, December 6

Last night I had a revelation
Somehow I have to make you pay
It's all about manipulation
And what it takes to get my way
I don't believe in soft solutions
No one makes a fool of me
Without receiving retribution
No one hurts me and goes free

I'll play on your fears, I'll leave you in tears
You'll never be the same, my friend
You're walking a line, it's a matter of time
You'll never rest easy again

I've got the power to bring you down

I've heard it said, to err is human
It's forgiveness that's divine
I thought about forgiving you, but
I want revenge, I want what's mine
I think it's time to settle scores now
It's time to set the record straight
You'll know it's coming, you won't know how
Or when, you'll have to watch and wait

I'll play on your fears, I'll leave you in tears
You'll never be the same, my friend
You're walking a line, it's a matter of time
You'll never rest easy again

I've got the power to bring you down

You know, it feels intoxicating
To be intimidating
It's invigorating
To see you shaking

I've got the power to bring you down

You know something, you see it coming,
You know I will stop at nothing.

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