Thursday, March 18

The greatest story ever written: PART 2, MIRROR

I try not to stare at her, but those black eyes stare back at me.

what if she finds out??

hey you!

oh no, not now..


yes you! what are you hiding?

umm, nothing.

what a lousy liar! you do realize you can't hide anything from me.

wasn't trying to..

so, whats eating u tonight?

well, i was only thinking..

oh, keep those crazy voices out of your head! they never did you any good

you telling me this?? you must be crazy..

..and you are stupid. Aren't you still regretting the last time you listened to them?


but what? now u r stuck in your own golden cage

how dare you say that!! my husband won't like it.. he really cares.

yes he does.. he is only busy.

busy? stop lying to yourself.. all he cares about is his job, his jaugar and maybe his girlfriend..

enough! and leave me alone..

seriously, do you even love him?

none of your business..

sometimes i wonder, if you ever loved anyone of them?

yes i did, and still do..

waitamin.. you can't possibly love all four of them at the same time?

well, i have my reasons..

..and i have all the time in the world.

well.. if one showed me the truth, the second one taught me to love. The third one was fun to be with, and the fourth gave me stability.

yeah, the way i see it..the first one, asshole. the second, so full of shit. the third, boy toy. the fourth, credit card without limit.

stop it!... see, thats why i hate telling you stuff.

and yet you always come back to, whom do you love the most?

oh, its difficult for me to pick one

why ? are you afraid of the answer?

maybe.. i cant face the truth..

but honey, the truth has been staring at you...the whole time!

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Sunday, March 14

The greatest story ever written: PART 1, DEATH

somewhere in an old dingy building in downtown. while the city stays awake, as a mind slowly goes into deep oblivion...

its working. i can feel it in my blood. it will be slow and excruciating. but somehow it makes me terribly happy. i m a bird in flight. and this is not a dream. but if i sleep tonight, this dream will be over. my dream, her dream.

oh, how i wish she was here to witness this moment. i must show it to her. she must know, her faith actually worked. like a firefly's prayer on a dark night.

yes. it is a dark night. can it be an omen or just a figment of my twisted imagination? haha..twists! always loved them..they have always invigorated my frozen thoughts.

thoughts. now i m waiting for that final thought looking at the ceiling as the old fan creeks above. voices. i hear voices. not in my mind, but my neighbors' as they fight over money.

fight. i believe i fought many silly battles. they molded and marred me, like the clay in a potter's wheel. but i am willing to lose my last battle. for there is no joy than losing for one thing you love.

love. never understood why so many complications hover over this four lettered word. when it is the first n simplest act a human knows.

act. everything real is nothing but a surreal act. Maya. an illusion that ends with death.

death. an end to everything. but for me, its the beginning of an end. for i shall rise from the shackles of life as my mission is over.


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