Saturday, May 3

What if.....

My series of what ifs is never ending. This is a new to me- " What if I studied medicine? "
Well, I have been watchin Scrubs alot lately, not to mention reading Eric Segal's Doctors at the same time. My confused brain has to play its part as always. As I lay in my bed contemplating my future as a doctor, some of the good stuffs I see:
1. My parents own a hospital.
2. My mom is a doc and I come from a family of doctors.
3. The Hyde-NJC episode would have never taken place, and eventually I would not have ended up in VIT.
4.I get to cut open cadavers and see whats actually inside...(I have just imagined in my imagination, a wonder-fool spoof of the Ramsay brothers' horror movies :P)
5.I get to live practically with a skeleton. Everyday will be a Halloween for me...Yuppie!!
6.I would have been a crazy-cool shrink ;) Only kind of doctor not in my family. I know its not considered "real" medicine, but boy, everyone does need to visit a shrink these days. The crazies of the world are catching up. Sooner or later you will defintely get humped by one of them and be a full time crazy. More about shrinks and humping crazies later. Its not just sitting on an easy chair your entire life acquiring adipose tissue on your ass telling people its ok to be crazy , its more like looking into their heads, as Kotler puts it "personal orientation". Remember JLo in "The cell" ?? Obviously you won't get patients outta a Hitchcock movie, but still, I guess it will be interesting to delve into other's brains.
Then why didn't I study medicine?!?!
1. In high school, I failed in Bio miserably . My human heart diagrams somehow always looked like a multicoloured raddishes( oh yes! we had to colour them) and the sperm diagram looked like a balloon tied by a string :P
2. My mom practically dissuaded me saying-by the time I become a full fledged doctor, half of my life will be over( which is true :( )
3. Doctors never have enough time. They are ever-busy.
4.Somehow they always smell like disinfectants .
5.I could have never remembered those 1001 names of tissues, diseases yada yada.
But oh! The beauty of rewinding back time and starting all over again, doing something new... although in my imagination! My best 60 seconds.

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Friday, May 2

Yay!! Its never too late... start blogging again :P
The only thing I wrote past few days was my SOP and filling up few forms. Writing exams are compulsion..thus not to be counted. Few hundreds of thoughts to blog( the "un-classified" ones) did burst up since my last entry, but damnnit!! yet again the evil power of "laziness" took over me. With the cracking of my knuckles i hereby announce my comeback! (Har! Har! I bet noboby even noticed that I was But what the heck? My space...MY WAY!!

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