Saturday, January 31

A musical hangover

Last evening was the craziest in months...its Riviera'09! celebrating the 25th year of VITU. The best part of the 1st day of this fest is the musical pot-pourri. In one day, u simply get a taste of different types of music. Sometimes u tend to miss some because there ain't enough time to catch up with all of them.

12.30 PM: Prelims of HEADBANGER'S KALL. College bands especially from south(I wonder why they never call any1 4rm north!) did their gig. Some of them were really sad to the core. There was this one girl vocalist band and they made us listen a torturous version of "Zombie". Trust me sister, u better stick to classical music! 
The worse part is my favorite drummer was missing. Last year he enthralled the crowd with his superb drumming plus leading the vocals.

4.10 PM: Finals of HEADBANGER'S KALL: Madhouse shook the entire crowd with their innovative Arabic fusion. Followed by the powerful chinese rock. Hi5 to Pritam on vocals! E-Flat too amazed us with their Indian fusion. At the same time, Touchwood was a great disappointment. Their music was way too bleak and had strains of pop in it. Sadly that was the inhouse band and they were awesomely shitty. Finally towards the end, there was this band(ummm....greyshack?!?! Dont rem d name) who thrashed the crowd. Now this is what the stage was meant for. They had the style, the guts and some real hardcore music. My neck almost snaped and my ears went deaf after their performance. They did justice to that event.

7.45 PM: RAGHU DIXIT PROJECT: They did the opening of the evening extravaganza. Beautiful original piece of work. My personal favorites "I still love you" and "Smoking". But the crowd response was too low. Thats what happens when you perform in a total diverse crowd. Many of them were not familiar to that music and many of them didn't even bother to listen. Many of them couldn't even even make out whether he was singing in Hindi, English or Kannada. Result: More boo-s than yay-s!

9.20 PM: VISHAL-SHEKHAR:The crowd loves dhin-chak and they delivered it. For the next 3 hours the stage was on fire. They sang their top bollywood numbers and the whole crowed screamed,danced and jumped. And then there were the inbetween repartees which just added to the onstage magic. Crazy numbers like "Dil dance maare" to romantic ballads like "Suno na" simply entralled the crowd. Even songs like "Allah ke bande" and "Tu aashiqui hain" captured our hearts. Hard stuff like "Dil haara" drove the crowd to frenzy! The duo gave us a night to remember. My personal favorite was "Desi girl" which they played in the end. What A NIGHT!

It was after midnight when we returned to hostel. My neck, throat, head, legs.....gone baby gone! I woke up today with a headache and a very hazy mind....cluttered with music. What a hangover!

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