Monday, November 23

You know you have too many guy friends when...

1. You've spend many Saturday afternoons playing basketball in the sun instead of getting a pedicure or a manicure.

2. You never understand why girls maintain long nails.
3. Going to a spa or a beauty parlor seems to be a waste of time.
4.Never understood why there are so many types of dresses when jeans and tee are the best thing ever happened.
5.You have spend some rainy morning playing soccer in the muddy field with your buddies.
6.You think SAW VI is the coolest movie of the year.
7.You openly admit that you have seen porn when the girls you know, pretend they haven't and consider it to be a sin. And you NEVER question why guys like girl-on-girl action.
8.You enjoy fart jokes and laugh out loud at sex jokes, when girls think its inappropriate.
9.You know more swear words than your brother and can win any trivia on swearing!
10.You call everyone "Dude!", "Man","Maccha" etc. and mostly call your dad "Boss".
11.You hate flowers especially rose.
12. Love songs are a complete no-no. You'd rather listen to Led Zepp, Maiden, Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne,Slayer.
13. You prefer headbanging in a rock concert to waltzing.
14.You spend your childhood collecting Trump cards rather than collecting Barbies.
15. You looked like a boy in your teenage years.
16.You love your music loud.
17. You preferred Hardy boys to Nancy Drew.
18. You believe the movies Godfather and Fightclub have the answers to all your life problems.
19.Your mother questions your sexuality when she finds 3/4th of your phone list are guys and you are dating none.
20.You prefer martial arts class to piano lessons.
21.You hate romantic chick-flicks and probably slept off in the first 10 mins of Casablanca.
22.Nothing disgusting disgusts you anymore, 'coz you have seen, heard and discussed them all with your buddies.
23.You love Manga so much that you almost created few.
24.You spent your childhood climbing trees, walls or fences and scraping your knees eventually.
25.Everything is a game for you.
26.You believe riding a bike, bungee jumping, skydiving, rock climbing are the important stuff in life.
27.You despise soap operas and rather watch a comedy or a thriller.
28.You never understood the "Aww.." moments.
29.You hate soft toys and find it weird that some girls likes to sleep with them.
30.Pink is a disgusting color, black is cool.
31. You are allergic to the flowery over sweetened perfumes girls wear.
32.You wish you were on Fast and Furious or 300.
33. You talk loud and have a boisterous laugh.
34.You hate Chihuahuas and prefer a Labrador/Bulldog as a pet.
35.You practised WWE moves on your younger brother.
36.Your mother begged you not to buy anymore sneakers and try something more feminine for a change.
37.You don't understand why some girls watch the calories they eat.
38.You find it weird that girls complain not understanding guys-they are the simplest creatures of all, "What-you-see-is-what-you-get " is their motto.
39. You are someone with the extremes-either you "love" or "hate" something, there are no in-betweens.
40.You are selfish,rude,impractical and the most commitment-phobic girl ever known.
41.You can never date a guy without doubting his motives, 'coz your over-protective buddies have warned you way too much.

P.S. I feel lucky to have met all my guy friends and I have shared some of the great moments of my life with them. And I still believe being friends with guys is less complicated than with a girl!

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