Saturday, December 29

Its 5 in the morNING...

....and i have absolutely no idea what to do now,other than not getting sleep....
6am..time to hit the gym but its still an hour what do i do??
... i find myself surfing through a greek holiday page(i have absolutely no idea why!!!) and another page on diatomaceous earth(work!)

what can i possibly blog about?!?! politics,no games,no this hour nothing absolutely interests me...(sid, i hope that answers your question)

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Sunday, December 2

Grooms for sale..!!

It happens only in India. Well two days from now my cousin was supposed to get married. Now it’s cancelled. Reason: DOWRY!! (Very much prevalent in many Indian communities. Fortunately it doesn’t exist in my Assamese community. And this is why we were hit below the belt.) It was another boy-meets-girl story. He is a Jhat and she is an Assamese. They fell in love and decided to get married after dating for 3 years. Everything was picture perfect until a dowry of 50 lakhs was demanded a week before the marriage. Well if it wasn’t paid on the day of “sagaii” (which was two days before the marriage and to be held at Delhi), the “baraat” won’t come down to Assam for the wedding. Sounds like a stupid Sooraj Barjhatiya plot, eh? Well this has what happened in reality and that too in my family!!

Thought that in such a helpless situation the bride’s family would comply with it. But they just missed a single point. They are dealing with the Sarmas. Blame it on our genes, but we do strike back when unexpected. My sister simply told the groom: “Bhad mein jai tu aur teri ma…the marriage is off!!” I bet he didn’t see that coming. And if marriage is all about respecting one another, then dude, I can never respect a guy who asks money from my dad.

Calling off the marriage was really brave of her and the entire family supports her decision. Her only lament is that she couldn’t recognize earlier what schmuck and weakling he was. I mean who would expect an educated guy with a secured job to act like an invalid. Ironically, Indian grooms come with price tags. The marriage market is an auction house indeed. Higher your degree and your position, the dowry amount increases exponentially. No consideration even if the bride is equally qualified.

Taking dowry can never be an age-old tradition. It is just another means for filling our endless pit of greed. And the new-age Indians are crazy about easy money. So unless you clean the skeletons in your closet, there is no stopping to DOWRY.

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