Sunday, January 7

When chocolate cake weds fresh cream..

You are my fire,
The one desire,
Believe when i say
I want it that way....
Sounds like a Backstreet Boys songs huh? But this is my humble ode to this epitome of beauty-FRESH CREAM BLACK FOREST CAKE...yummm..

This 4 inch chocolate paradise is covered with 2 inch of fresh white cream sprinkled with chocolate chips and fresh red cherries.
Bite 1. Your heart does bungee jumping.
Bite 2. Along with the chocolate, your heart melts too.
Bite 3. You are in trance.
Bite 4. You attain Nirvana.

Excerpts from life. If food can kill with pleasure, this is one of the deadliest fusions on earth.

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2 homies speak!:

sHaDy said...

i must say...coming to ur blog was a big mistake...firstly coz its 4:24am and i am really hungry {i guess u got it by now that i am in a hostel...}, secondly coz of the really sexy photograph of the cake...and lastly the very clear almost godlike description of that i wish i owned a barista store and i was in one now.... :( ah well, will save the picture for now... seriously very nice description..

coffeeismypoison said...

oh my god my diet cuum detox program!! oh my god!! :'(

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