Wednesday, June 13

Bheja Fry

finally a movie where you can laugh your brains out...

nice, warm intellectual comedy..don't expect any great stuff as in great sets n hunks n damsels for the characters(yeah milind soman is an exceptional here!! xoxoxo)

must watch in theatres and since its not that popular you will find almost empty theatres.

advantage:you can kick the empty chair infront of you while being the "laughing hyena".

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4 homies speak!:

prashanth sidharth said...

ha..and look whi talks about not posting..

€$#@N! said...

dude i gotta busy schedule(a big fat lie!!)...well nothing amusing 2 write about...especially in dis hell hole place

ThePain said...

The movie is a slog ..
not at all funny ... grrrr

Anonymous said...

well your ideas a good


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