Saturday, December 29

Its 5 in the morNING...

....and i have absolutely no idea what to do now,other than not getting sleep....
6am..time to hit the gym but its still an hour what do i do??
... i find myself surfing through a greek holiday page(i have absolutely no idea why!!!) and another page on diatomaceous earth(work!)

what can i possibly blog about?!?! politics,no games,no this hour nothing absolutely interests me...(sid, i hope that answers your question)

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7 homies speak!:

sid said... sure does..and also gives me sth to a similar situation like u wrote @ 1:30 AM

Anonymous said...

dead..this blog..completely dead..!

bheekling said...

I agree with sid!

0xdeadb33f this blog is

Webcam said...

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Indian said...

Hey Eshani,you have got a very good blog.
Kudos for your blog.
I wish you all the best in what are you well.

€$#@N! said...

Anonymous comments are not acceptable. People be bold enough to leave your names. I won't pay snipers 2 shoot you ur

Anonymous said...

anonymus indian,that is me,i am from VIT,3RD yEAR.

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