Tuesday, June 3

Life is like that

Every evening after my 2 hrs of swimming session, I just come back home hungry as a hippo. Now swimming has done wonders to my appetite and also I m gradually overcoming my fear of drowning. Yesterday was my 4th day of training and I completed 2 laps. I feel great! I guess I m no longer afraid of water.
By the time I came out of the pool, it was 8pm. Already hungry and tired, and to add to my woes, it started raining and there was a power-cut. My 20 mins of leisure night-walk to home turned into a frenzied run for dry shelter. In my hurry to take a shortcut, I climbed a 6 feet wall, only to slip, fall and chip my nail. Now I was tired, hungry and bruised. I think I cursed everything for ruining my evening...from the rain to the algae growing on that wall.
Little did I know that something else awaits me at home. Something that worked like a panacea to my Pandora's box. Papa cooked dinner of pork and rice...it was fantastic!! When he cooks, its more of an art than cooking. And he always says that his secret ingredient is LOVE.The pork curry was like a symphony of flavors. Four of us had an amazing candlelight dinner( Thank you, ASEB!) with the amazing pitter-patter of the rain outside. A memorable ending to my twisted evening.

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