Monday, July 28

My Industrial Visit

Thats my class....more or less :P(in the CPCL township)

Finally the chemical batch ’09 went for the much pending industrial visit. And it was fun. Actually, FUN. The 10 hrs journey to Chennai Petro Chemical Limited was really tiresome. Initially I was really skeptical about taking the trip for my batch was infamous troublemakers in the entire school. But I was wrong. The entire 36hrs that I spent with my class was amazing. Never in 4 years I had so much fun. And it would be really unfair to tell about my trip in just one post. Lets ‘fractionate’ the trip to the refining industry and back, into 3 ‘cuts’ :P
Cut 1: it all started with a “Jo bole so nihal..” around 11pm. With top numbers blaring from the speakers, the bus “floor” was on fire. Our class Pappu (Devansh) was all in mood to prove that he can really dance ;) Few of them joined him in what looked more like jumping than dancing. Along with the hootings, it was just a warm up. Dreading a disaster, I simply looked out of the window and turned on my player. Didn’t realize when I dozed off but on waking up, found the dance session was over. It was past 1 am and this time something else was on cards – Antakshiri. Now this was too good to miss for typical “driver collection” songs were being sung. I joined Pappu and Bansal’s team. It was more of shouting and having fun then singing. It began with just few of us but then the entire bus was crooning expect the 8 other girls of my class. Now Megha and Afrin were on vomiting spree and the rest 6 were sleeping?!?!?!
It was past 3am when we were all exhausted of songs and energy. Even our throats hurt. Finally the two faculty members there asked us to shut up and let them sleep. So when the lights went off, Bansal’s “Chutkule” session started. Anand has an awesome gift of gab. Each joke killed us with laughter and ended with us shouting “Encore! Encore!”
Slept around 5.30 am only to wake up to the sound of Mote(Mohit) clicking pictures of the rising sun and the sleeping
We reached CPCL township around 7am and after a 2 hr break we started for the refinery. Now what we learned there was doubtable for when the presentation started, we all dozed off in the ac conference hall. The tour of the plant was awesome though. Finally I got 2 see the “stripper” of chemical plants (btw,it’s a gas/liquid stripping column ;)). By midday it was really hot and after lunch in the plant canteen, we hurried back to our bus which was like a furnace. We then started for the second part of the journey : the BEACH.

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devansh said...

nice description eshani... but i dont think itni publicity is good for me...!

Raj said...

so i read your latest post and was chatting with someone when this pae opened up god knows how. eshani. goddamit, i learnt sumthn ;P

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