Saturday, February 14

Its all in the head,Honey!

This post is dedicated to all the people in "loouvve", the hopeless romantics and those who believe that heart is where the love is. It may crash that beautiful fiction called love you hold so close to your heart. 

Recently I read this article where  researchers from Albert Einstein College of Medicine,New York said" The source of love is in the head, not the heart." Hah! I felt so. The red lumpy pumping machine can't make you fall in love. No doubt it sounds unpoetical and unromantic when you get to know that love mostly can be understood through brain images, hormones and genetics. Imagine the gross image of the folds in brain in your V-day card saying "Sweetheart, this got us together". Love will definitely look nauseous. Businesses will drop. Hypocrites are we, believing love is a miracle sent from Heaven, so lets give credits to the unseen cupids and the red heart.

But here is the truth.The brain has four tiny parts which form the love circuit.(cupids and  love charms are stupid!!) The hotspot is the teardrop shaped VTA. Apparently it "lights up" in a functional magnetic resonance imaging machine, whenever you see that special person. Thus a rush of of adrenaline-like chemicals-PEA takes place. And this speeds up the flow of information between nerve cells, dopamine and norepinephrine. Dopamine makes you happy and norepinephrine stimulates the production of adrenaline. Oh that heady feeling! with the heart beating faster. :P

Now this chemical reaction works in the brain like drug addiction. You feel light-headed, things start to look more colorful, the world seems to be a happy place and yada yada...the crap people say!So wake up dopeheads...This addiction is good as along as everything is well, but gets dangerous when things go down the drain. The brains of  recently heartbrokens create a craving very similar to that of cocaine craving. "People kill for love. Die for love". 
Addicted to love, after all ;)

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3 homies speak!:

prashanth sidharth said...

oh..c'mon you actually think people don't know that? If not the details, they atleast know the gist of it ! It was like you are trying convince yourself

€$#@N! said...

oh c'mon i wasn't trying 2 spread the gyan among the likes of u... u think i care at all? i write what i feel like. EOF.

prashanth sidharth said...

haha..EOF, that cracked me up..!

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