Thursday, December 31

It take 3(idiots) to tango!

Yes..I am too bitten by the Idiotmania! (Maina ko Mania ho gaya..hehehe) As Sid says, "What an end to the year!" No doubt, kudos to Mr. Aamir Perfectionist Khan and the cast, but I would like to thank two two other guys who made it happen.

Director Rajkumar Hirani for one. The man drove the nation frenzy with "Jaddu ki Jhappi"(Magical hug) earlier and now "All izz well". True, Aamir co-directed "3 idiots", but thanks to Hiranisaab for taking this project. Seriously, Amritsar se Amrica hil gaya!(oops, SRK don't kill me) . I mean who comes out with philosophy like, Jab Life Ho Out of Control, Dil Pe Haath Rakh Ke Bol All Iz Well...(when life goes out of control, put your hand on your heart and say, All is well) . We Indians are very emotional people, and the director did a good job in touching our hearts with some of the best one-liners in the movie. I mean where in world, can you make the entire audience cheer, clap and sing in a movie? Its was definitely the Veni Vidi Vici moment for the entire cast of 3 idiots. Yes, a great end to 2009.

Last but not the least, I like to thank Chetan Bhagat, the mind who conspired and then inspired the creation of 3 idiots. If 5 point someone didn't happen, Bollywood would not have witnessed this Idiotmania. Apparently, the writer was not happy 'coz they didn't mention his name in the movie credits. Agreed, the movie was not a complete adaptation of the book but the storyline was somewhat borrowed. It was really unfair not to mention his name. It was his brainchild afterall. Chetan, koi nai..your fans acknowledge your sheer genius.

With this, I will take a bow and thank Bollywood for giving the nation a reason to laugh, cry,sing and dance together thereby somewhat creating a diversion from the depressing anti-elements news around. India, tussi great ho... for everything!

This being my last post for the year 2009, I would also like to thank all my blog homies for reading my blog and giving their valuable comments. I have/had a great time knowing y'all. Hope "All izz well" with you guys and Have a Rocking 2010! =)

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4 homies speak!:

Anonymous said...

(Clearly talking the path to damnation) Oh paleez! If bollywood is to be thanked, it should've been for Kurbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, for it was undoubtedly the best(est) movie this year saw! :D

And a very happy New year to you too!

Jack said...

T - f L,

All izz well. I was taken to see this movie yesterday and all I say is it has a very good theme which needs to be understood by parents as well as those in teaching profession but after halfway it started straying a bit. Actingwise, all did a very good job. Overall ENJOYABLE. So ALL IZZ WELL.

Take care

Aniket said...

2009 certainly saved best for last.

I saw Avatar, 3 idiots and 500 days of summer in order. All super awesome in their own rights. Satisfaction guaranteed. :D

Tongue-fu Lady said...

I totally agree Aniket!
saw 3 idiots 2wice...can go for few more :D

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