Thursday, June 10

The greatest story ever written: PART 3, What if..

Every once in a while you meet that person in your life, you wish you hadn't met. 'coz they enter your life like a breeze and leave like a raging storm. Sadly I met someone and realized it much later, how that one collateral damage left me emotionally mishapen.

So one fine morning I wake up, put a gun to my head and ask, "What if we never met? What if I never returned that smile? Would I be at a much happier place today?" They say a "butterfly effect" is next to a death wish. But if those wings actually flapped, I am not sure if any of the Fijian islands would be hit by tsunami, but my life would be short of one.

I met Jim on a Sunday morning. I saw him when I walked out of the church. His smile was like a Hawaiian sunrise, and made by heart do a Hula. Only there was a small problem. You see, Jim was dead. Blame it on that bright sunny Sunday, I didn't notice when he walked out of that cemetery...

I know you don't believe me, but this is my story.

I am Tom and I am a fucking retard.

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3 homies speak!:

Jack said...

T - fL,

What a twist in the end! You surprised me.

Take care

Nikita Banerjee said...


Raj said...

damn i love it. for a second i was all excited thinking she knows what it feels like, she knows what it feels like! and then i read blah de blah on: fiction, humour and tom and fucking retard and then i suddenly hoped you would never know.

take care.

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