Sunday, April 24

Tongue-Fu now has a face!

And a new blog too! Stalk the traveller in me in my new travel blog here

On my face..Finally I outgrew my upside-down blog image. And now its the real me. More like coming out of iPhoto closet. And I have to blame my new "going to be 25" avatar, for this. Oh how excited I am to enter the first quarter of my life!(more on that later). Plus I recently got a fresh lease of life.(promise to talk about it soon!!!) I guess 25 will add a whole new KISS KISS BANG BANG chapter in my life.

Follow me as I unfold this chapter!

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2 homies speak!:

Nikita Banerjee said...

Pretty lady and believe me 25 sure is exciting!

Tongue-fu Lady said...

can't wait to be 25 next weekend!! ;)

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