Friday, February 24

Everything or nothing

These two words joined together gives my most powerful mantra for life. You either go for everything or nothing at all. But then why is it so difficult for people to admit what they want in their lives? Why should we be shy about our own dreams and desires? Is it the fear of failure or the fear of being laughed at by others that hinders us from being what we can become? I often wonder.

I meet people everyday, who can do wonders in their lives only if they realize their potential.  I think they are mostly scared to admit their extreme potential. 'coz when u know who you are and what you can do, you are immediately alienated from the rest of the crowd. The fact that you are different from others makes you their eye sores. Ironically, these haters can be different too and live up to their potential. But they don't. Instead, they huddle together and gossip about what an effing pain in the ass you have become. 

I have come to believe and now, can openly admit that I can achieve whatever I set my heart to. You may call it a pompous-self-glorified declaration, but for me this is the power of my intention.  Of course I have had my share of failures, but I have tuned myself over the years to find opportunities out of these setbacks. Yes, sometimes it takes time and frustrates me, but I get my heart's desire in the end. I strongly believe in the power of attraction. We get what we attract. Its a very scary truth. I have personally come in contact with people who always claim how unlucky they are and how unfair life is to them. And surprisingly, shit happens to them, all the time.

Now getting back to achieving your heart's desire, you have need to be positive - sometimes terminally positive even when the whole world is against you. There is no middle-path of believing in yourself - Its you, and only you who can do the magic!  Whether you believe it or not, everything up to this point in your life that has or has not happened to you is because of the choices you have made. Of course, we can always blame the fate for it. But the truth is,  fate too is a part of your choice. Because you believe that luck always favors you, you have directed every single molecule of your body, sub-consciously, to act or behave like a winner in life. And without your knowledge you become that charismatic person, who not only attracts other people but also attracts good things in life.

So go ahead, and grab onto your happiness. Go for everything you dream of getting in this life. If you don't go to the extreme, you'd only be doing an universal injustice to yourself. So, pour your heart completely into your cause and make it effect you and everything you believe your world should be about. 

If others can, why can't you??

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15 homies speak!:

Raj said...

:) damn i loved this.

maybe i should set my heart to getting your gmail id and getting to know u better.

Tongue-fu Lady said...

hahaha..thats so sweet Raj :)

Raj said...

sweetness ke liye contact id to milna chahiye na? :P

so i can prove i am upto it? :)

Jack said...

T- f L,

What is life without dreams? One may not share his or her dreams with others but for own motivation dreams are a must. One should have confidence in self to achieve what one aims for. Strive hard but if the results are not favourable, accept it as destiny without stopping to renew efforts again in another manner. Inspirational post.

Take care

phatichar said...

Good. Keep it up. :)

Aniket Thakkar said...

Damn. This is one of the many slaps I need to get up and do something I really want to. First step towards that would be to stop watching effin so much TV. I'm an addict. I counted - I've seen 187 English TV serieses so far. End to End. And I've not included Japanese Anime and Cartoons in that. Out my 27 years of existence, I've spent about 4 years just watching TV!

High time I stopped consuming content, and created some.

Nikita Banerjee Bhagat said...

Interesting read :) Your blog posts are always fun and insightful.

sumitra said...

So true. And so inspiring. Perhaps just what I needed to hear right now. Thank you :)

Tongue-fu Lady said...


I completely agree with you. Everybody should have dreams- no matter how crazy it might seem :)


I m happy if by writing inspired you to get out of your TV addiction. Hope you get to do what you want in life :)

Thanks..I enjoy reading your posts too, even though I have been real irregular at blogworld..will catch up with ya soon! :)

@Phatichar: THANKS for the inspiration :)

@Sumitra: Happy to help! :)

sumukh bansal said...

yes true it is..
and this is, "The Alchemist" the famous novel is all about...
and remember the omshantiom dialog
"kisi chej ko dil se chaho to puri kaaynaat....."


Rachit said...

Everything or Nothing... tot agree with you... motivational posts..

Weakest LINK

Jack said...

T-F L,

No post today? Looking for one soon.

Take care

Shreya said...

It isn't very often that I think another blogger can inspire me...but these were good words. Really good words.

Loved it! Waiting for more!!!

Nikita Banerjee Bhagat said...


Tongue-fu Lady said...

sorry for the delay folks..finally writing again..hope you guys like the new one! Cheers!

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