Sunday, October 21

Maa, I bow to thee

The festivities of Durga Puja has officially started. For the Shaktas like myself, this is the time of the year when we bow to the Divine Feminine power, Shakti - the source of all creation, and the energy that animates and governs it. 

But today its more than that for me. Today, I celebrate the birth of my first pillar of strength, the source of my creation - my mother. Happy Birthday, Ma! You are my embodiment of strength and dynamism. You not only gave your flesh and blood, but also passed on the strong life force to each one of your kids. Your presence in our lives has helped us face all the good and bad times, with equal vigor and zest for life. Your compassion for the needy and those in trouble, amazes me on how much you have sacrificed for the sake of others happiness. I doubt if I can ever be that selfless!

Your positive attitude towards life, I think, has always helped  me believe in the best, even when everything around me is falling apart. My friends think I am a strong person to move past any bad situation in life, but this is what they don't know - I have a mother who tells me 'no matter what happens, I am always there for you'. Honestly, thats all anyone needs to get through the bad times.

But the most important thing you taught me is to love - love with an open heart, with no expectations or  any motives. Now this may look as a sign of weakness for many, but as I am going through different life experiences, I feel this is more of a unique strength. Not many can do it, many even don't find it in their lifetime. But you have taught me otherwise. You have shown me that loving someone is not enough - you need to fight for it, strive for it, insist upon it, and sometimes even walk the extra mile. For this life lesson, I am forever grateful to you. 

And even though Papa is doing a great job today in making your birthday a special one (fyi, he always does.), I miss being there and celebrating your fabulous 54th. You look beautiful with each passing year, surprising everyone around you with your beauty, love and wisdom. I wish you many more such years ahead, and I am glad to have such a role model in my life. I love you Ma! On behalf of the whole family, I wish you a happy and beautiful year ahead, Mommy or resident Lataji, as everyone in the family calls you lovingly for your amazing voice!.

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Jack said...

T - f L,

Please convey MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY from my side. Mothers are representatives of God on earth. No one can match their selfless love. Her teachings to you will always see you through all times.

Take care

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