Thursday, February 6

52 weeks to experiment

When 2014 rolled in and the world went busy making a list of resolutions they will eventually discard in a month or two, I decided to experiment the next 52 weeks ahead. No lists, no maps, no rules. Just saying yes to experiential experiments, and see how life molds itself around me. So yes to rock concerts, building startups, impromptu trips, double chocolate cheesecakes, and great ..... *she leaves that to well-intended interpretations*

The truth of life is - nothing matters. All our lives we are imprisoned in worry, self-doubt, fear and disbelief, while crossing off the checkboxes of society's life plan for us. And before we realize it, we are heading towards the nearest psychiatrist's office and popping anti-depressants. 

What if we ditch these checkboxes altogether?

What if we make our own rules?

What if we turn our work and perhaps, our lives into piece of art?  Rich and colorful with stories, interesting characters and scenic backdrops, and music that makes you wanna sing with delight.

What would happen if we are truly honest to ourselves and say what we are actually thinking - raw, imperfect, unedited and unfiltered?

Yes its scary to think about, maybe inherently selfish to some. But to be the no-bullshit version of yourself is a challenge to take on. To be the one who is not afraid to take risks, not afraid to tell the truth, giving a damn about others' validation, and most importantly to create for the joy of creating, nothing more. 

When I am creating something - whether writing a blog post,  or working on my pet project, I have this need to create it like a bad girl. It becomes my right to authentic self-expression, especially when it cuts against the grain of a society that would have me be someone, something else. We are what we make.  Our creations show the truth of who we truly are.  And this is a scared dance. This demands nothing less than everything I’ve got to give it.

When you come into intention, you say : I want. You embody a goal and start believing in it so fiercely that you will piss off some people. Actually scratch the last part. Most people will hate you. Maybe because you no longer start  living according to the perceptions they have for you. Or maybe because you start becoming your own rebellion.

This is not just a challenge to conventional wisdom, the status quo, the established Establishment, etc. etc....but this is a challenge to self. The day I started to listen to the voice of my inner misfit, all of my 'why's turned to 'why not's. And then I started to wonder, what would happen if I gave piece of my heart everytime I create anything? It’s a bust your ass to shine, honest to a fault, no bullshit, zero apology performance. Something that makes heart and soul bleed.

What would happen if we pursued being unmistakable instead of wildly successful by external measures?

52 weeks to find answers. 52 weeks to ask more. I do not know what lays ahead for I do not own a map, but have a compass.

And this compass do not point North,
It points to the thing I want the most in the world. 

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6 homies speak!:

Neelanjana Barua said...

Love the tempo of your post. Reading this at a time when I'm contemplating a lot of things, makes this sound like a nod from the Universe. To delve into the unknown takes guts & lots of moments spent in self doubting. But that inner fire is something that has created this buzz inside my mind...I know, what I know and what I don't know, well, let's find out!

Good luck :)


Tongue-fu Lady said...

Thanks Neelanjana! :)

Trust the compass, and ditch the map. travel your path without a guidebook and you will see what interesting detours awaits you ahead.

Maybe life is all about finding an interesting answer instead of the right one. I hope you get the best possible interesting path for yourself.


Aniket Thakkar said...

Well, to really find the answer, you should take 42 weeks. :)

I never make resolutions either, for I can never keep them. But if anything Robert Fulghum has taught me through his books, is to 'live for the stories, and to always seek stories in life'.

Frankly, I don't know of any other way to survive.

Good luck with your journey, and great ... ;)

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Thanks Aniket, but whats with 42 weeks? :)

Jack said...

T-f L,

Best of luck. I always say that one should follow own conscience and do what it says instead of trying to live upto what others think of you.

Take care

phatichar said...

Beautiful post :)

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