Tuesday, December 8

Passion will make you crazy but is there any other way to live?

I love this quote from Howard Hughes. Somehow it strikes a chord in me, in an unromantic non-cutesy way.

But to remind that passion isn't nice.

Passion isn't anything feisty that can be tamed for you to like or enjoy. It might not bring any enjoyment after all, nevertheless, making it any less compelling.

Truth is, passion is not your bliss. (Neither your bitch.)

It is the willingness to suffer for something (or someone), to risk stability, peace of mind and enjoyment.

Passion is subversive.

It is stepping out of culture, jumping classes, and breaking traditions. It burns you on inside.

It strips you in winter. It picks on your scars and wakes you up at 4am every morning, shivering.

Passion is hellbent. It won't reason or stop. It transforms you.

It alienates you from those who can no longer accept your transformation or understand where the hell you are going.

(Do you know where you are going?)

It knocks you off the path. (It was never your path anyways.)

It makes you start all over again : no job, no friends, uncharted horizons.

It requires you to change when you are so far from ready.

To be passionate is scary, then why bother it at all?

Because passion points you to what you want so much that you're afraid to want it. The ambiguity of hope. The fear of getting. The fear of not getting.

It is the moments that you dreamt your whole life,  scares you the most. But then you go out there. You do it..and you are okay.

Passion stands behind you with a mirror. It wants to show who you truly are - good, bad and ugly.

All you need is to turn around and embrace.

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