Sunday, December 3

And it was beautiful...

I had an unusal experience today. I DARED to enter the operation theatre. Using my medical privileges i attended an ongoing caesarean case . i saw how the surgeons "burn" a bit of fats to cut through the layers of flesh. as a layman i would say " it was gross".finally when the docs reached the womb i could no longer bear 2 see it. (thanks to all the psycho-thrillers i saw..i survived the ordeal..did not faint!!) as soon as they cut the "bag" there was sudden gush of blood and some yellowish semi liquid (aarrrghh!!). and then they saw the head of the baby. one of the surgeons pulled the baby out n cut the umbilical cord. and then the first cry of the baby boy - firm but low. they showed the child to the "semi consious" mother. and it was beautiful....the whole "nightmarish" ordeal was worth for that fraction of second when the mother smiled at her baby before falling back into slight i learn one of the greatest truth THERE IS JOY IN THIS PAIN...

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