Saturday, December 2

why am i blogging?

I dunno why....i have deleted two of my blogs in past six months and still making an attempt 2 start 4 the third time. I was too lazy to post anything on my dead blogs. Now that i m having a "teeth cluttering" Winter Vacation and can't step outside my house,i found nothing better than this.well i must say "god bless d blog creator"(pun intended).

i hope i will and can continue blogging beyond my vacation.basically i m not a computer buff n so in college blogging seems like an "extra" job 4 me.i prefer a game of basky to blogging.but on rainy days i guess this gonna be a blessing.again i hope i continue.

i can't say i enjoy typing away my feelings n my experiences on a computer screen , so i m still not sure why m i still blogging ...lets say this is a common trait of my highy "cluttered confused mind". papa says i m always in the state of "to be or not to be". hehehe..i still dunno why m i blogging...

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