Saturday, March 3

this is not a poem....

they love to hate us,
they mock at us,
they do their best to crush us,
'coz they know they can never be us,
for we are the "born fighters"
life is a never-ending war for us,
nothing is ever easy for us,
we strive n fail
but never give up...
'coz we always get what we want
maybe in the hardest way,
n hell we are proud to say
"we don't need no godfathers" anyway....

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3 homies speak!:

sHaDy said...

nice way to put things...

€$#@N! said...

u serious?? i wrote shit!

sHaDy said...

well it looks better if u take it at the face value, i mean if u take it as few line there with some meaning rather than as a poem
and its honest...

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