Tuesday, March 6

the beauty of "letting it go"

all of our lives we tend to do stuff what others will like.eons ago many wise "dinos" said "we live for others". i say "bullshit". coz the moment u start pleasing others ...do stuff stuff what they like..u lose ur individuality..unknowingly u become sad...by the time u realise its all too late...the beautiful moments are gone when u could have enjoyed your life...but the bloody society will praise u saying" u sacrificed ur life for whomsoever it was"...and you will have a sense of false happiness..
my question is"why to sacrifice ur happiness for some petty praises??" instead why don't we jus live every moment for ourselves..doing what we like and giving a damn what others will say(gotta take a lot of risk here)...but then the so-called"conscience"(very much influenced by the society!!)will kindda say "hey man dats being selfish!!" and we hold ourselves back and never dare to take dat risk again...so whoz the loser here we or the society??

hence i believe that the moment we let go of this we are sure to be the happiest souls on earth.religion teaches the exact opposite and so i lost faith in it.it always holds us back from what we want.so why can't we be free like the air??or the animals in the jungle??just be free from such invisible cages...

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4 homies speak!:

bheekling said...

Gosh, I am yet to read a more selfish blog post.

€$#@N! said...

blah blah blah....u knw hw selfish i m!!

sHaDy said...

lol selfish is another thing...but yeah wat u said is true...well it might help if u put on a show, 'like everyone else' but still know who u r....anyways u will figure it out, or have figured it out

Thepain said...

Was that inspired from ayn rand ?.. If not then you need to read her ... It would be like someone telling you exactly wot u believed but you thought that ur jus eccentric in that regard, when u were not, u were jus pure before you sold urself out ...

I dont think its best to live for yourself and selfish aint a negative word at all ..
When you live for yourself and for your creativity alone, you give this world much much more than u ever will with ur socialist ideas ..

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