Wednesday, May 9

The Bastard Theory

well the other day i came across this hilarious yet a very controversial theory.its by Anthony Sherratt concerning how/why it's the bastards who end up with women(hey!!not all women..) goes the theory:
"Women find confidence attractive. The only problem with this is that quite often the other traits a woman may look for are not present in the most common form of Confi-magnon man: the Bastard. Bastards are very confident particularly in social situations because they have less invested in it. That is, they don't really care. And when you don't care there's little or no nerves, a nonchalant attitude and sometimes a touch of arrogance. This lack of caring (the very lack of the sensitivity that women also want) is easily disguised when The Charm needs to be turned on: true bastards do this easily. Their philosophy is that women are for just their pleasure and I've even had one offer his "hunting philosophy" that went along the lines of "I'll get/ask for sex and I get it or I don't. 99 rejections are worth 1 acceptance."(bloody bastards!!) (paraphrased) In summary they see women as a sex toy or meat and it's their low care factor that gives them their confidence, their strongest weapon.

The real problem lies in the fact that most females seem unable to distinguish between confident bastard (common) and confident man (rarer and becoming disillusioned). After all bastards camouflage themselves well and have more opportunity to practice the charm (ie lies). But unlike confident man the bastards don't follow through. Occasionally they will for awhile but their selfishness will shine through.

The truly sad thing is that because of the higher profile the bastards enjoy a lot of women will generalise and categorise all men into the bastards genre(and they love doing it!!). This is obviously untrue (and unfair) but the sensitive man is the one who is a little less likely to play the games and may often be rebuffed early. Going off on a tangent now... But most men can distinguish between the sleaze/player/bastard (confidant-eructus) and the dying breed of confidant romantics??Ironic that the shallower (and retrospectively less attractive) man is more attractive in the short-term. Is humanity doomed by our own genes? Or just our emotional desires? "

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6 homies speak!:

sHaDy said...

well i agree to a part of it but it aint all that way....i mean cheap ass freaks get cheap ass bitches only...
and occasionally if that freak(also read bastard) is good at the bullshit then he might even floor a good one... these r guys with no self respect for themselves or for the girl...

its more like this.... the good guys never really take the effort of trying to get a girl....they r pretty selective...i mean they r sensible enough to look out for their own kind...well it aint always about the looks...the intellect also matters...and for this group the intellect is the most important... these guys actually respect themselves and the girl....they treat them as ppl rather than an object(or something they did for the heck of it)....

girls pounce on the first guy who gives the good boy charm...and most often than not it the bastards with their "wat the fuck will i loose" attitude maintain the charm with the experience.... where as the good fellas never really try to fight with these freaks to attain the Alpha male status...they rather maintain their dignity...the basic diff are
1) freaks " 'try' everyone"
good guys dont 'try' they wait...

2)freaks--many fish in the sea attitude
good guys--rather wait for the one

3)freaks--something they do to flaunt about it later
good guys--they dont care a crap for wat the world thinks...

well this applies to girls too...not all girls r good...(happy that u added that not all girls fall for bastards)

and yeah humanity is doomed and the emotions too

€$#@N! said...

well u do read my blog!!
i guess ur comment was a blog in itself...d longest n d most sensible reply in my blog till date...:)

sHaDy said...

lol i am honored to receive this position, i would like to thank my family and friends adn google for the site and Charles Babbage for inventing the computer...and mettalica and iron maiden for all the sanity i posses..

lol this was actually a topic i was to write a blog post on my blog...

well it found its way onto ur blog... :P

€$#@N! said...

well not a big deal..i guess i typed it few secs ahead of u :P

sHaDy said...

hahahahahaha.....true....well i guess it doesnt matter where it is....

thepain said...

hmm i don know why ..
but i rem that dialogue from Xmen
in which she says
" A girl wanna go out with a dangerous guy (not necesarily a bastard, hugh jackman is not a bastard :P) and marry a reliable and responsible guy "
Its this double standards which delude both girls n guys i suppose.. How you want the most attractive girl in college to explore the world and then curse the past baggage as a reason for things to have not clicked ..
Well I wanna write so much, but it wont matter anyway ... So i am gonna pass

3)freaks--something they do to flaunt about it later

Who does that ????? I guess thats a movie notion, Hmm maybe sex yeh ..

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