Thursday, May 17

The Pasta Disaster

It was a sultry evening and there was nothing to occupy my mind..just flipping through the web pages wasn't a joy i tried doing the unthinkable-cooking...and that too PASTA!!
now it wasn't that terrifying at the start although i m in a total alien territory-the KITCHEN!! start off with i burnt my hand while draining the hot water...the amount of tomatoes weren't enough...the sauce was undercooked...the pasta was overboiled n looked like loose skin(yeww!!)..but that was not d worst was the aftermath-the kitchen was total mess(mom freaked out!!) and ya how can i forget the part called "EATING"...where i made ma,pa n bro to eat that gooey stuff...well mom n dad gobbled it down with litres of water and rahul coudn't eat more than 3 spoons(i know he did that too outta pity or maybe courtesy)and this is what he said:

"Sis,do whatever u want in life!!"

ah! it was a real shame especially when both your parents are awesome cook...not my fault(zaroor genes mein koi chemical locha hua tha!!)

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2 homies speak!:

sHaDy said...

ur family has my sympathies....

god(or who ever it is most ppl turn to when they screw up their lifes) save ur family, coll and anything u ever come in contact to...

€$#@N! said...

they know it already n suffering their best...muhahahaha

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