Sunday, September 23

le mur sans tristesse

CAMs are round the corner...and this is the time of the semester that i really hate..not dat i m an exam-o-phobic...its just that u kindda feel tensed,as if a heavy cloud of bad moods is hovering over u..i mean exams are imminent n so are these erre silence falls over the hostel corridors(now now this isn't some r.l.stine tale)..the place gets a demented times even my room gets stuffy and the sight of so many texts on my table makes me feel like this time i m nt taking a chance and thats when i got the idea of creating my "snappy wall" don't take the literal meaning...its the wall infront of my table and i stuck it with pictures from my albums..little did i know that the outcome would be so good..the entire wall looks like a collage of my life..its so full of people and so full of life..people who are part of my life or people who momentarily touched my life at some point..all of them together at one place and smiling down at u is truly amazing..i am not a romantic but watchin these snaps make me feel as if i m watchin the movie of my life minus the sad parts...and that makes a light feel good movie?? a comedy rather coz there are these embarrasing pics where i had really short hair or the ones where i played the role of devil in school drama and i apparently had two red horns, a tail and my face painted black...!! i mean that drama was a mistake but now i laugh looking back at it...and i m not ashamed of telling about it... hey wait a min..isn't this what life is all about?? sometimes you make certain mistakes and later on have a good laugh thinking about them..and what a fool u had been!! now looking at these pics i kindda feel elated at any time of the day and i just simply smile...and i just hope this works during the dark times a.k.a the exam times...the only wish unfulfilled is..the pictures aren't moving!!

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2 homies speak!:

prashanth sidharth said...

goodluck for the cams..
when r they starting..

€$#@N! said...

oh hi u remembered .good.

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