Friday, November 2

Clouds, a book, pringles…perfect day!

Its been a cloudy day today and oh, what a respite! I mean after the ever existing scorching heat of Vellore, the rains are like “mama mia”… winter here is nothing more than the rains.. But I ain’t complaining. I m just at my laziest best. Spending an entire rainy day doing nothing. Just reading one your favorites in the warmth of the quilt…hmmm I could trade it with any day of my life. Well Gone With The Wind still spins the same magic everytime I read it. Simply can’t get over the beautiful yet fiery Scarlett O’ Hara and her struggle during the war, and the audacious Rhett Butler (we all fell in love with him!) and his snide remarks. Been reading it since morning and never realized it was almost dinnertime when I finished this thousand page epic( okay, I missed breakfast and lunch in a row but saved by a pack of pringles J). Had it not been for my nosy neighbour who banged my door 2 check on vitality signs, I wouldn’t have come out of this reverie. Now this is the beauty of living in a single room on the seventh floor. Nobody bothers and this is my own seventh haven. Wish my term end examination wasn’t round the corner, or else I would have devoured the entire literary section of the library(the section I ever Now that my book is over and I had a totally messy dinner of the mess, alas there ain’t much to do around than sleeping. Hope its another rainy day tomorrow for another good book to read. The importance of being idle is learnt and respected after all.

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2 homies speak!:

prashanth sidharth said...

wo ho..looks like u r totally obsessed with pringles...
and did u say ur neighbor banged ur door..??

€$#@N! said...

lol...a little indulgence wnt kill ne1..

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