Wednesday, March 18

Side effects of Loveria

I don't understand why the couples break-up so frequently. I mean if they have zero tolerance level, why even commit in the first place. Kindly refer to The Revolutionary Road if you are so duh-huh at this.But recently I got a completely new perspective on this whole issue.

One newly single guy said that he broke-up 'coz he kindda got bored.Apparently the girl loved him way too much. I was totally 'WTF!!' when I heard it. But behind the wtfness I found the truth. Being regular at male bashing, I have always blamed the guys who broke my friends' hearts. Now when I recall those situations, I see something else. The fault lies with the girls too.These fluffy-little-walking-hearts loves and cares too much. So the moment they became dedicated-ly "available", their guys whole hearted-ly got bored. Call me cynical morbid bitch, but fellas thats the truth. And my dear girlies, better accept it sooner, before someone else does trapeze with your heart again. Taking things for granted is a selfish human nature embedded in our genes. And this seems to be more prominent with organisms having high testosterone levels. 

My heartbroken friends have often recounted their "burning paradise" stories. But somehow they fail to see the cause and the symptoms of the imminent fallout. You see, when this Ishq-Visk happens, the stakes get really high in terms of expectations."I expect you to do this and that,sacrifice this and that, in return for my selfless love". (Well, I am expecting many war-cries at this juncture to prove me wrong with the sanctimony of "Love demands Nothing".) Unfortunately, its the girl who usually initiates this blunder. This is shortly followed by the even deadlier "Commit to me" phase. No doubt the guy chokes in love.I don't blame him. I just blame the girl for being a total angel in loving an A**hole in the guise of a man! 

Now that the guy feels trapped, he goes helter-skelter. Sadly his lady love fails to notice.But like the third umpire, I too saw when love got bowled out. So,for the sake of damage-control, just look out for these tell-tale signs. His love for you is losing its life-blood, if you find that, most of the time, he behaves in the following ways:

1. He no longer makes time to spend with you on a weekly/daily basis.

2. He prefers to go out with his friends than take you out. 

3. He is easily annoyed by things that never bothered him in the past.

4. He finds it difficult to tell you that he loves you.

5. He constantly talks about how fat/boring/nagging you are.

6. He talks you down.

7. He has started being dissatisfied with things you do for him.

8. He suddenly gets very busy so that he will have less time to spend with you.

9. He has stopped doing you any favors.

10. He has told you that perhaps both of you should slow things down a bit.

11. He encourages you to go out and have fun without him.

12. He forgets your birthdays/anniversaries and makes no effort to buy you gifts.

13. He laughs out loud when he talks to his friends or family members, and never laughs out loud with you.

14. He flirts openly with other women in your presence.

15. He has started comparing you to other women in terms of how you should look or behave.

16. He has started lying about where he has been and who he's been with.
(Incase there are more signs, please feel free to add.) 

BTW, these signs are not applicable if you are in love with a guy who is terminally sarcastic, a compulsive liar, or simply brain dead. There is no cure for that itch. Its applicable only for your Mr. NiceGuy-turned-HellBoy. But at the end of the day, its upto you. If you believe that its worth making few changes to save your relationship, go for it! Otherwise, leave the guy immediately, get overdosed on chocolate and say it out loud, "Yeh nahi toh koi aur sahi". I know its easier said than done. But I am no love atheist and I believe that there are few good men still left.

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6 homies speak!:

BHARATH said...

OMG!! When did you turn into a relationship expert? Is it just bcoz u ran outta topics or did something happen to bother you this much ....

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Last time I checked, this was my blog and I guess I can write anything My Way... which may not necessarily be the MahaBHARATH of 21st century, roight??

moramee said...

i i think u can b d next SHOBHA DE....u can write a buk...d title cud be 'post-spouse'...hee heee

Lavender said...

They hate being suffocated
If the girl is going to intrude in their space all the time, they're going to start running for their lives

Raj said...

there is never a fault in any of them. they are all imperfect. yet to their certain someone, they are all absolutely perfect. its just that the certain someone is in a different comer of the world when you think hes right in front.

Raj said...

He finds it difficult to tell you that he loves you.

negative. if you say you love him, he will lie right back. but he would never say it first.

He encourages you to go out and have fun without him.

bullshit! if he doesn't do that, trust me later in the relationship the girl will say, u give me no space! he wud better do dat! :P

I believe that there are few good men still left.
*blush* thankyou :D

there are more than some good women left! erm i hope.

and btw apologies to moramee but you can never be a shobha de. shes too boring. and you will pretty much never write a book. too much effort.

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