Thursday, May 7

A woman should...

"be a feminist during her college days,
be career minded and care oriented,
play the game of hide and seek with her suitor,
dare to stay happily unmarried all her life,
love being a woman,
buy flowers for herself,
feel the wind on her face,
go camping,trekking,
be shy, be bold,
trust men occasionally,
give the second chance to everyone,
be a romantic,
get emotionally hyped over nothing and cool down suddenly,
go on a diet, yet, eat chocolates and ice-creams,
get high and stay high on life, love her man and her reflection,
learn to love herself,
kiss herself good night in the mirror,
get wild, tame her tears,
break rules- lead the dances,
drive her man's car,
run his bank account,
manage his business, wear his clothes,
yet know that he's a man and she's the woman,
get flattered,
wear latest fashion and wear fine diamonds,
for no special reason,
lay down principles in her life,
go out for window shopping all alone,
know the way to her man's heart,
never forget the little girl within."

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14 homies speak!:

Anonymous said...

=> women are dumb, illogical, illogically emotional, cranky.

funny creatures.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that. :)

Tongue-fu Lady said...

guys can complain all they want..still they can't do without us..and we know that ;)

Tongue-fu Lady said...

double A-MEN to that! :)

Anonymous said...

that's the only thing i didn't want to say, coz that's the only thing u ppl will say to get back!

amen nonetheless. :)

Aniket said...

At least I totally agree on the "go out for window shopping all alone" part. :D :D :D

Its one awesome list.
Do I see any takers for this task?? lol

Tongue-fu Lady said...

actually did "almost" everything in d list

coffeeismypoison said...

Hey I too have done most things on this list...i love this list :) deeply satisfying.
@Aniket : I shop alone aLL the time! It's fun!

Little Girl Lost said...

go on a diet, yet, eat chocolates and ice-creams,

TFL- you tell me how to do that, and i promise you i'll do everything else on your list :)

but thanks again for reminding me that its good to be a girl

Pesto Sauce said...

Tough being a woman

Tongue-fu Lady said...

@pesto sauce:
I love being a woman actually :)

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Girl, workout and eat ur hearts out. But most importantly, be happy who u are..goodluck! :)

Little Girl Lost said...

but u can hardly callthat being on a diet...

Tongue-fu Lady said...

sorry 2 disappoint u , chica! I have never been on a diet but have seen others do it. I am a total foodie and so I burn my calories in the gym and little help from power yoga...try them out! :)

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