Saturday, June 20

An apology

Hello guys! I know its been really long sinceI wrote something..I am so sorry. Call it a lame excuse, but past few weeks I am going through a total body shock- the paid torture called" gym"! Yeah, before this I thought working out was fun. I mean, I was doing it on my own albeit without a trainer. A lil' bit of cardio and weights was no bigga deal. But now, with a super serious instructor who not only sticks with the usual weights, but also yoga and aerobics, things are kindda jittery for me. Plus, when a foodie's diet narrows down to all non-spicy and well-balanced healthy food, the torture heightens. I m even planning to entitle him as "jallad"(read, aamir khan inspired) :P

But then, this shock is all temporary. I won't quit writing for sure. In Rab ne's style "Never fear, T-F-L is here" ;) (cant help quoting SRK, unnecessarily though!)Soon the body will get adjusted to the all-new diet and disciplined routine. Hopefully, I will also come up with better and improved version of fictions. Btw guys, I have been following your work, I see great changes and I like it. Will join you folks soon! Bye!

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7 homies speak!:

Nikki said...

Gym! Hmmm...I have been meaning to join one myself. Write soon ya!

Aniket said...

Been there but not done that. My Project Ghajini failed miserably.

i told my instructor, I am here coz I want to eat all that I do and still stay fit. So I'll do what I can here but won't compromise on the diet. :D :D

No surprises, That pissed him off big time!

Tongue-fu Lady said...

@Nikki: Try out that too with a tough instructor. After all, why alone should I suffer? :P

Tongue-fu Lady said...


Yaar! Project Ghajini is not enough for the blessed option of "eat all n still stay fit". U need a weird mixture of genes and metabolism rates. :P
Trust me, I have joined gym 2 gain weight, coz my "eat only" option failed me 2 gain few extra pounds :P

CoFfEe AnGeL said...

Gym? I thought u ran??that is the better option...mostly cos its sustainable :) u can keep at it, all u need is a pair of shoes and functioning lungs!
am starting running myself :o) not sure exactly how im going to going to give it my damnest!
good luck to u too!

Tongue-fu Lady said...

@Coffee Angel:
"I ran. I ran until my muscles burned and my veins pumped battery acid. Then I ran some more."~ Fight Club

Well just running didnt help me gain some weight. Infact I lost more :(
Newayz good luck 2 ur attempt 2 run, n don't care how u look in the deed. Just run, like a kid :P

phatichar said...

Hey, where's Jack?

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