Thursday, June 25

Who moved my Boards??

So finally an attempt to revive the long-dead education system of India. Jai Ho! CBSE. One country, one education system. But will this reform bring "equality in education" in a severely diverse country like ours? Specially a country, neck deep with self-pitied citizens, who believe their "caste" will make their lives easy. Are we finally getting a fair arena of competition where talent comes forth social standings? If yes, its time for some cool revolution, baby!

But its a tricky road ahead, marinated with 'netagiri'. Many of the rural votes will be at stake after all. If you must know, the government funded schools in rural India are run by petty thieves, who entitle themselves as "teachers". This class of rats live entirely for the steady monthly salary, and definitely not for educating young minds. Their level of knowledge is pathetic and imparting even that bare minimum turns out to be a Herculean task for them. So I hope when our reverend and wise lawmakers passed the law of one education board, they are visionary enough to understand the fact that educating these pathetic "educators" will take another decade to come at par to the CBSE level.For that, they have to visit every school in every nook and corner of the country. You think they can do it?

Next comes the question on removing the 10th boards examination. Now I call it as "Half-baked" funda from the West. I mean their whole education system is flexible, maybe a little bit too flexible (no wonder, Obama is crying out loud!).The students can choose their own course,can jump classes if they are advanced for it and yada yada. None of which is easy to implement in the grass root level of our education system. Every state has their own education board where most of the time the medium of education is their regional language. Do you understand the difficulty of undoing what they have learnt and then re-learn everything again? Let alone the students but also the teacher.

Definitely most of the kinks of our auto-pilot education system (like, parrot-reading methods, extreme grading system etc.) will be smoothened out, but whether the true objective will be reached? Its still questionable.

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Nikki said...

Every system is questionable yaar! Education ki toh vaat laga di hai! I am writing something may check it later.

Zeba Talkhani said...

India india india. Kya hoga iska??

Anonymous said...

Kuch nahi hoga, log 10th borad mein mug up nahi karenge, but 12th mein toh kar hi lenge! Even college is all rote learning. Useless!

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Hi all,
Its true that the education system is degrading and all, but for Mr. Sibal and his troupe to succeed, he first should train up all the local boards teachers..otherwise the students will be unnecessarily burdened.

@Qi: i am unable 2 access ur blog. do something and don't deprive me 4rm ur writing skills :)

Aniket said...

I think the last time I used my brain to its full capacity was back in class 9th. I really used to be quite sharp back then. And then followed the series of exams and teachers that just wanted me to have a photographic memory and draw the exact same diagram have 56 fields over the paper again. They want to turn people into zombies, with no creativity.

The idea now of one system is great, but too share the fear that may be its too little to late to make amends with all these corrupt politicians around.

Tongue-fu Lady said...

well said and welcome back. i m sorry eduction ruined ur mind. i hope mr.sibal reads this :P

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