Monday, August 10

Traveling riverside(rather, airway) blues!

My 22 hours of flight from Mumbai to Philadelphia couldn't have been more eventful. Lets start with who sits next to me. Well if last time it was old and farty men, this time it upgraded to babies.CRYING BABIES. Before I start off, lemme tell you I am not a baby hater. But this time, things have changed, atleast for now. Not only they( read, babies) cry throughout the whole flight, they even manage 2 puke on the person sitting beside. No matter how much I love those "cute little things", I just can't be happy about getting myself puked on! Lemme be more precise about my "journey". I know you may doze off in the middle of this post, but I NEED TO LET IT OUT. (Btw, you will notice many CAPS in this post. Go figure why!)

PART 1:Mumbai-Paris ~ Osama on board

Okay, my French sucks. All I can manage are the formal courtesies. So when this cute air host says I got a good French accent in replying to his customary "Bonjour!", I, for some reason(read, stupid reason) thought its gonna be a good journey. But the I was wrong. Comes a mother with her baby and two other kids. And right behind my seat, another family with noisy kids. And of the kid was called Osama. I did 180 turn just to see the kid with that name. I am not kidding, but that Osama did have fiery eyes and his expression was nothing, but anger. This is pure coincidence but it did creep me out. Anyways, the baby beside me started off wailing at the take off. And there I was thinking, well its just for now, maybe he will sleep off after some time. Wrong! It simply went on from loud to louder and finally to loudest. And the worst part, the mother was clueless. Everytime I was about to sleep or watch a movie, the wailing just gets louder. Even a bottle of red wine didn't help me to sleep(I wish I had my bottle of Grillinctus cough syrup with me!). But Led Zepp and Jimi Hendrix did help later on to shut out the noise.( Kudos to Air France's music collection). So by the time I landed Paris, I was a drunk and sleep-deprived zombie. If I had a camera, I would have posted my pic here.

PART 2:Paris 2 Philly~ The French stain

If last time it was one crying baby, this time it got doubled up. Some great sadist UP ABOVE was laughing His at his work. This cute little girl baby right beside me was all smiling during the take-off. I too was smiling, thinking that flight will be my personal "Stairway to Heaven". And I dozed off only to wake few minutes later to the sound of wailing. The baby beside the smilin baby starts crying. Smiling baby starts crying too and leans enough to puke something white n gooey on me! What happened next was a blurry of incidents: me fuming, the two babies having crying competition throughout the flight, the French guy on my other side tearing his hair apart with that noise.
So when the Customs officer asked me how I was doing...all I could answer " Tired". But then I was "Dazed and Confused" too. I still haven't slept and its been more than 30 hours. And my sweater smells of puke. I would continue further, but my head is doing a cha-cha-cha now. GTG!

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8 homies speak!:

Anonymous said...

Can't be in paradise forever. You should've rather taken their whiskey on the rocks than the wine - does a much better job at putting people off to sleep. Happy travelling!

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Ya u r rite! I can't always have the cake and eat it too..THANKS 4 DROPPING BY!

Anonymous said...

I still love babies :D

Aniket said...

'I love babies, especially for breakfast' Mwuhahahaha!

No, not seriously, just quated a dialogue from some creepy movie. :D

In France and no camera? Shame on you! Everyone is visiting Paris - Mera number kab aayega? *sob sob*

Tongue-fu Lady said...

@Aniket(Aniken Slow-walker :P)

Tera number bhi ayega! newayz I was in Paris just 4 5hrs, but ya i regret not having a camera. But I will make sure when I return, I will get u PARIS pics as souvenir! ;)

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Repeat the same after they puke on u :P

Nikki said...

I love babies but have none of what you went through... worst.. baby puke! Ewwww...

Get some sleep and check the sweater in the washing machine! Hope the rest of your trip is good! :)

Jack said...

T-f L,

Some luck you had! Wish you all the best for next flight.

Take care

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