Saturday, July 4

Why I "almost" got fired?

Well I have been working as a non-paid trainee in my parents' firm for past few weeks. Parents expectations are always high, and when you are working for them, it shoots off the ceiling! So finally I gathered up my courage and went to my boss(err, dad) to demand my paycheck. I thought a passive-aggressive approach would work out.(And I was damn wrong!) . So I write him something that I read long time ago somewhere(heights of vagueness!). It goes like this:

"When I take a long time, I am slow.

When my boss takes a long time, he is thorough.

When I don’t do it, I am lazy.

When my boss doesn’t do it, he’s too busy.

When I do it without being told, I’m trying to be smart.

When my boss does the same, that is initiative.

When I please my boss, that’s brown nosing.

When my boss pleases his boss, that’s co-operating.

When I do good, my boss never remembers.

When I do wrong, he never forgets."

And so pay me or I will be my own BOSS.

Here I was expecting a paycheck at this point. But then he gave me an offer I couldn't refuse. Resign from the trainee position, be your own boss and find your own place to live. Or, continue the training till you get your senses back. These Indian parents are crazy! They always catch your bluff. And so I am back to being a cubist again!

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8 homies speak!:

Nikki said...

Why did you begin in the first place? My dad has been after me since I don't know when! I won't go! All my privacy gone an then, no money! lolz.

Well, hope you get a pay check soon!

Tongue-fu Lady said...

situation has obliged me to join :)

Aniket said...

I would never want my Dad for a boss. Not that my current boss in not bad enough. Just that Dad is too fond of detailing and perfection. Things my dreamy mind tends to overlook. :D

Tongue-fu Lady said...

true...even my dad's a perfectionist and that makes a big problem for his dreamy trainee :P

Shafi said...

wow... cool. your parents really rocks.!

Jack said...

T f L,

Navigated to your space from your comment. Read some of your posts. As far as sec 377 is concerned, it was long due to relel it. It is choice of an individual how he or she wishes to live as long as they do not cause undue public nuisance, like we do not accept excessive open PDA by hetrosexual couples too. So how is the management treating you at work place? And out of that? Actually it is a blessing in disguise and you must make the best use of it. I can tell you so many such incidents I have come across and those who had undergone this phase proved to be very successful leaders in business.

Take care

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Hey Jack, thanks for dropping by. Would love to know about others who've "been there and done that" and finally made it to d top . Please do share. :)

Jack said...

T f L,

Surely I will tell you but not in this space as it may be embrassing for them.

Take care

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