Monday, September 28

I did it my way

Revolution Renaissance did justify my blog with their song, not to mention the awesome video of Kungfu-Panda I found, showcasing my favorite animated character of all time, Tigress. Its one character I can relate to very well.

Look at me
Do you see all the things
I want you, you to see?
You're telling me
Sure I know you so well?
But you just act when you are
Back against the wall

What is true, what is fake?
Everything that you make
Or you take, it's plain to see
Image wise, you're okay
But is there anything
Inside of you?

Hear me say:

I don't wanna do the things you say
I don't wanna play the game you play
I just wanna be myself
And walk the road without pretending
I just wanna live my life, be true
So many things there are that I will do
When I'm looking back the road
At least I can say: I did it my way

There you are once again telling
Me how the things all should be
And that I care far too much about
My art, 'cause you know they
Will never understand

I am me, I cannot be
What I'm not, I am real and I feel
But you can never stop, you forgot
'Cause no one's gonna tell
Me what to do

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6 homies speak!:

Jack said...

T - f L,

Beautiful poem telling clearly that you would love to be independent and do what you feel.

Take care

PS : Posting last of the series a little later today.

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Hey Jack,
This is not really my poem.(I am bad at writing poems :P). Its the lyrics of the song by "Revolution Renaissance". BuT then it tells my story after all. :)

Nikki said...

If this tells your story...then it is brilliantly put! :)

Aniket said...

Had the same feeling when I heard "You can't take me" in Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron:

Got to fight another fight - I gotta run another night

Get it out - check it out

I'm on my way and I don't feel right

I gotta get me back - I can't be beat and that's a fact

It's OK - I'll find a way

You ain't gonna take me down no way

Don't judge a thing until you know what's inside it

Dont' push me - I'll fight it

Never gonna give in - never gonna give it up no

If you can't catch a wave then your'e never gonna ride

You can't come uninvited

Never gonna give in - never gonna give up no

You can't take me I'm free

anupama said...

Dear Friend,
me,for the first time may eb proud that you did the past as you wanted.but life is not still.and we live in a society.
dear,at times,when you grow older,we lookat someone for teh suggestion,how should we do it?
keep writing!have a great weekend!

phatichar said...


And what a title - tongue-fu lady! hehe.. cool.

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