Friday, March 25

The Great Indian Disease..and why we don't need a cure

"Worse than dengue or polio or tuberculosis. They should vaccinate us against it while we're born." ~The Zoya Factor.

Yes, that's cricket fever for you! And I don't think medical science will ever discover a cricket resistant drug and curb the ongoing insanity among the Indians. Why should they?

Indians hate Indians, most of the time. But last night a billion brown hearts dhak-dhakked manically in unison. Knocking the stuffing out of the three times world champion Australia, atleast bonded us over a common enemy in the cricket world. And I m glad the historic win took place in none other than the much communally clashed Gujrat.

Not that I support violence, but its great to see a passionate India once in a while. Generally we are a bunch of overly cautious and accomodating types. But when it comes to cricket, we surely make HBO's Spartacus run for their money. There might not be the graphic violence and explicit sex, but hey, the atmosphere got charged with high levels of testosterone. A possible baby boom might have even occurred after the last night's match. After all the nation did explode into a massive, riotious celebration.

My facebook homepage was flooded with victory messages, most of them sounding like warcries sugar-coated with gaalis. Blame it on the heat of the moment. I too did shout, whistled and made some unlady-like dance moves infront of the TV screen, much to my mom's horror. But what amazed me the most is that my Indian friends abroad were equally excited about the win, if not more, like the rest of my friends here. This proves one thing. You may take an Indian out of India, but you can never take cricket out of an Indian!

Come 30th March. India Vs.Pakistan won't be just a match. Its drama, tragedy, emotion..its like twin siblings with bleeding umbilical chords. There will be heartache, ulcers, loss in stupid bets followed by possible suicides, and definitely a plunge in the world's productivity that day...and the pitch will bleed BLUE once again!

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4 homies speak!:

Jack said...

T-F L,

You bet it is a very high fever. You said all what is right. On 30 Mar all I pray for is that let our team play without any pressure. Let there be no enemosity and may the team which maintains composure win.

Take care

oRange* said...

I don't get this disease. Guess I was vaccinated against it when I was born :\
Yes yes, kill me now!

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Dear Jack,

The semi-final build up is killing me!!

Dear Orange,

Thats ok honey. Some of us are late bloomers ;)

for you:

phatichar said...

I prefer a bigger ball - soccer :)

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