Tuesday, May 17

T-F-L had a summer getaway

Just got back from my weekend getaway Funny I should call that. People travel to nearby places for the weekend, I travelled around 2000 kms for my retreat. And just the weekend was not enough. See here why. :)

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Jack said...

T-f L,

I feel so happy that you had a good time. I could not navigate to given link as Google Chrome could not. I will try again tomorrow.

Take care

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Hi Jack,

I think that was a technical glitch.. try this


also, thanks for that lovely ecard :)

Raj said...

btw tongue fu?!
i can beat u at that anyday! want to duel? :P

Tongue-fu Lady said...

i don't fight kids..against my policy :P

Raj said...

now you are definitely gonna get it sometime :P

Aniket said...

Shyah... I missed your bday. Happy (much) belated one. But I see you didn't much need my wishes. Goa is always a bliss. I make it a point to go there at least twice a year. The pics are awesome. Now I'm itching to make another trip there.

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Hi Aniket,

Thanks for the wishes..even though belated! And I never say no to good wishes, always happily banking on them..coz u never know when u run out of them!

You are lucky to be able to visit Goa every year, twice. coz one weekend visit can never quench the thirst of Goa and its beauties ;)

So next time to visit her, make sure you post some pictures, if not blog about the trip.

phatichar said...

Hey..belated wishes, girl..Goa, good going!

phatichar said...

No new post? :)

Tongue-fu Lady said...


nah, i m having a good time reading your blog :)

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