Friday, May 27

Sex, Lies and the "Le Perv"

Birds do it, bees do it, and men in power do it, it appears – yet again – with extravagant abandon. The french came up with the notion of droit du seigneur, the special sexual liberties that the ruling class can enjoy. Take a look at the avalanche of incidents making headlines recently. All the 'Le Perv's have suddenly become 'Le Idiot-Savant's. Just imagine the elite Rhodes scholar assumed that anything in White House goes unnoticed, unrecorded or unrepeated. Or the disgraced ex-IMF chief being publicly warned in 2007 by equally devious French Prime Minister to "avoid taking the elevator alone with interns. France cannot permit a scandal". What about you, Mr. PM?? Not to forget Arnie's lovechild, Tiger Wood's porn-star addiction, Berlusconi's lurid "bunga-bunga" parties etc. Closer to home, we have a shiny example in Shiney Ahuja. Whats wrong with these powerful men ??

I m pretty disappointed with you guys. You are supposed to be shrewd, intelligent, and definitely discreet! Yes, I do understand that with greater power comes greater zipper issues (sic!). Blame it on the flow of blood in the wrong direction, a wife here and a wife there with few mistresses in the middle is not enough. I am not a feminazi, who is here to wallow about the tales of abuse inflicted on your poor victims. Nor am I interested in any transatlantic culture war - the famous European indifference to the private lives of their leaders Vs the American Anglo-Saxon puritan stance on the same. Honestly its very difficult even to sympathize with wives like Anne Sinclair, who told a Paris newspaper that she was "rather proud" of DSK's reputation as a ladies' man, a chaud lapin (hot rabbit) nicknamed as the Great Seducer. "It's important," she said, "for a man in politics to be able to seduce." Nor do I feel sorry for Maria Shriver who defended her husband's izzat in his 2003 campaign, while he was deceiving both her and her voters khullam-khulla!

What matters the most is prudence, a sense that anyone who has the previledge of power over others, should be discouraged from destroying themselves and their families. Power can be the ultimate aphrodisiac. With power comes both opportunity and confidence, and with confidence comes a sense of sexual entitlement. But just because an individual is a public figure, his/her bad behavior should never be overlooked or covered up. Any skills they might have developed for self-control earlier will quickly and easily deteriorate with slight indulgence. Hence I blame the society, the family and the enablers with a personal or political interest in protecting these "sick men" to the point of covering up their follies, indiscretions and crimes. We are the actual 'Le Perv's.

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Makk said...

Well, that not so Holy I guess.

phatichar said...

Hear, hear!

"She" Guevara in the making? ;)

Tongue-fu Lady said...

@Makk: there is nothing holy about passionate writing..welcome to my blog :)

Tongue-fu Lady said...


lol..did i come on that strong? oops!

phatichar said...

Heheh... btw, you watched 'motorcycle diaries'? do it, if you havn't already.

Raj said...

:P no comments. does that make me a le perv?

Tongue-fu Lady said...

@Raj: God forbid, no!

Jack said...

T-f L,

You have summed it up so well in the last paragraph. Lust is something which can make anyone lose self control under certain circumstances, remember Vishwamitra and Maenka. It is not confined to sex only but a lot of other things, wealth being foremost after sex. And again it is not only males but both genders, though women keep self control little more. I agree with you that those who indulge in misuse of their position or power should not at all be spared.

Take care

Tongue-fu Lady said...


Makk said...

if not Holy,

then how is it? :)

or what is it??

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