Monday, July 4

Piggy is home!

I m in a super cakelicious mood today. My guinea pig, ie. the little brother, has come home!! Now I can start my next batch crazy cake experiments. The old folks in the house couldn't stomach few of my earlier recipes, like the Masala Chai cake. Mom's verdict - a cake should taste like a cake, not basil soup. Honestly I hate to conform to the familiarity when the creative juices start flowing. And that happens to almost all spheres of my life. No wonder my kitchen lab was temporarily shut down.

But not anymore. My iron-stomach guinea pig is here! Its great to have someone like that in the family. He happily gobbles down my experiments with food. Most were good(as I would like to believe it), and others were bad. And He survived them all.


Anyways, Delhi-Belly dekh li? Omg, it was filthy yet fun. A movie you will love to hate, or hate to love, whichever suits you better. Not for faint hearted, puritans and old people. Right from the first gaali to the last scene in the car(crazy and unpredictable), iss movie ne toh censor waalon ki vaat laga di! Did I like it? I loved it. The movie was like a chaata(slap) in the face of all the hypocrite moviemakers who does nothing but 'clean' cute and peppy love stories, giving the Indian youth a role model loser image. Guess what, we are not like that!
This movie champions everything tabooed here - incessant use of F-word, sleazy songs, some very graphic use of desi abuse, tiny bits of dry humping and muff diving (the prudish strain of DNA still lingers, give us some of more time. We are only one or two movie away from the actual hump-de-bump show), and lots of toilet humor. This movie maybe no Hangover 2, but the brilliant ensemble did a better job than Zach Galifianakis and the weener jokes. My only dissapointment, Imran Khan's look. I know the role demanded Tashi to have a unshaven look, but I m so used to Imran's cute take-me-home look. I mean he is the kind of guy you can introduce to your mom. But first look at Tashi, and I was like, that facial hair has to go(Even his on-screen girlfriend complained about it, but completely for different purpose). Vijay Raj as the uber-cool gangster with his comical gang of goons and their torture regimes (ass-cracker, hello?) made me fall out of the chair. In short, Abinay Deo's nonchalant direction is quite admirable. He doesn't try hard to shock and awe you, or just drive you crazy with riots of laughter. But the turn of events kinnda kick you in the gut. You can try, but you cannot just not laugh.

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phatichar said...


viddhi said...

cool. your cooking experiences remind me of some of my cooking experiences :P

i was planning to watch delhi-belly and after reading your post i really want to watch it.


Tongue-fu Lady said...

@Viddhi: Glad to help. I only wish I was paid for all this advertisement with 'dinner with Imran Khan' coupons :P

phatichar said...

I got my money back with Nitin's definition of the Santro car.

But the movie was like a halted foreplay - it ended before the real thing could begin (much like one of the scenes between tashi and sonia). Oh well...maybe there's a part 2 a la hangover. ;-)

Tongue-fu Lady said...


every bollywood movie is a halted foreplay..majority indians still think sex is a bad should be restricted to only making babies :P so u can imagine how many 'tauba-tauba's DB got

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