Tuesday, June 14

This is no cakewalk!

Hello Blogdosts! I seem to have vanished from this page for quite sometime. But kya karu? I was busy with my latest muse. Baking cakes. Just baked a chocolate-orange cake today morning at 5!! In my defense, there were frequent power cuts last evening and I couldn't bake it. Hence I didn't sleep properly, as I dreamed of the frosting design and the ingredients in my sleep. so before hitting the gym at 6, I had to bake it. And it makes me happy that my parents had slices of freshly baked cake with their morning tea. Yay!

Ever since I have discovered my newfound baking skills(since last post), I have been at my best obsessive-impulsive baking spree. Checking up new recipes on the net,and trying them out in the evening everyday - my kitchen now smells like a pastry shop. Oh yes, I love it! In my defense, Father's Day is around the corner. And papa loves my baking goodies, hence I plan to dedicate my best cake to him. But of course, mom has begged me to stop, because they are too delicious for her to resist. And they just add up to her ever increasing waistline. How I wish my little brother was home this time of the year? Come home soon, ok kiddo? There is cake-o-mania in the house right now. And I need you to finish up my experiments! Because as much as I love baking cakes, I have a habit of shying away from sugar myself.

Anyways, back to Father's Day baking plan, I want to give a shot to fresh fruit cakes. I specially find them complex. The fruit can't get gooey or too dried up. It just have to lock in the right amount of moisture. Which reminds me, a moist-super creamy cake would be the best.

What do you think?

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12 homies speak!:

phatichar said...

I can have the cake, but I can't eat it. :-)

Happy baking!

Jack said...

T-f L,

Very unfair. Keep giving tempting news with no offer to have a piece. Isn't there any Uncle's Day also? Wish your brother comes over, so atleast he can have nice freshly baked cakes.

Take care

PS : No reply in previous post?

Raj said...

there is a friendship day! and it is coming soon. aah the awesomeness of freshly baked cakes! mom used to make them. then oven kharab ho gaya.

okay where do u live? i am inviting myself. cool of me naa? :P

Tongue-fu Lady said...

why can't you? do you have Jophaboia?? by any chance. :P

@Jack Uncle:

I don't really need a specific day to bake for my uncle. I can bake it anyday. But ek chotti si problem hain. All are experiments are only prototypes. hence the guinea pigs are exclusively the family. once the prototypes pass the health and safety standards, i will send one your way!
as of the last post, I would like you to write something on bold and witty women. I mean they can play other roles than just victims, right? :)


Tu engineer hain na? Fix the oven. Nothing beats the "ma ke haathon ka banaya hua" cake. My mom can't bake, thats why I had to learn. sob, sob.

Raj said...

main automobile engineer hoon. refrigeration and heating ka nahin. and woh ovene pata nahin kahaan rakha hai. jab nikalenge to i l c what i can do. and i know mom ke haath ka cake...yum.

matlab in short aap nahin khilane waale :P
how rude! :D

phatichar said...

jophaboia and me? hahahahahah...ask my wife - when she bakes a cake, the cake gets 'phaticharophobia'.

:-| it was the popular figure of speech i was referring to (which i'm sure you know)

Nikita Banerjee said...

Pics required lady! Hope your dad loved the fruit cake you baked! :D

Tongue-fu Lady said...


oops! i didnt take any pics yet..maybe for the next batch of baked goodies!
and yes, dad loved my choco-banana cake with coffee flavored frosting a lot!! infact now he asks me every morning what will be my baking recipe for the day :)

phatichar said...

choco-banana cake, hmmm (thinks, rolls it over in his mind...feels the cake in his hand, takes a virtual bite of it and closes eyes).

Do you perchance take long distance orders?

Nisha said...

as much as i would love to bake cakes.. I hate what they can do to my waistline!
happy cooking to you though :)

phatichar said...

New post, please :)

♪♪HARINI♪♪ said...

I'm trying to go on a diet and now I want cakes!!! :P
Anyway, I love watching people around me go on a baking spree cos I always walk away with the cake :P
Nice blog!

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