Monday, September 5

Who needs a Hazare when there is a Pandey?

Today I m in a feisty mood. Maybe its from the sugar rush of eating the wet chocolate cake last night. Or maybe its the Pandey factor! The girl has finally stripped for the failing cricket team, and the nation finally has something new to look forward to than watch Arnav blabber night after night on Annadom.  Anna Hazare and Poonam Pandey, are the heroes of the day! Both are relentlessly fighting the autocracy of the Bourgeoise class - one, of the nation and the other, of the cricket world. If one is shedding kilos, and the other is shedding clothes..just to motivate the people of the nation!

Many thanks to Team India for losing their mojo in the English soil, we finally see Miss Pandey coloring the silver lining in nude. Twitterati has gone amok with her posing semi-nude to cheer up our fallen players on the pitch. One look at that pic, and you wilI know she has given a whole new meaning to 'deep mid wicket' . She plans to post more of such delights for every match the team wins. Now thats quite a 'motivational surprise', not just for the 'chosen 11' but for all the men in the entire nation and the world at large. The girl knows her shit well. Who is the donkey now, Mr. Hussain? Will your English ladies ever dare to bare for the team? 

I don't know if our 'Robinhood Pandeys on field' will be able to make magic happen hereafter, but  Miss 'dis-robin Pandey' has surely opened quite few magical doors for herself! Her nymphomaniacal behavior might make it to the Harvard Case Studies (if not Hollywood), wherein it will be studied and discussed with grave brevity, on how it can inspire and eventually lead to greater good(sic!) Who knows, in future she might even give therapeutical "Nude Motivation" classes in A-class corporates, so that the already sleep-derived zombiefied employees are pushed further to yield more results. Her IIM dreams might have fallen flat on her face, but now that she bared and dared to dream beyond the IIMs , she might soon be co-authoring books about her motivational skills with our egg-hatcher guru. 

Long story short, both Anna and Poonam are superstar material. No matter how bizarre their respective Modus operandi is, they truly understands the mob psychology and can make it work for their benefit. 

Can you do a Poonam Pandey or an Anna Hazare for your country?

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8 homies speak!:

Raj said...

some people just dont have a life of their own do they? i wonder what drives such people. faith in people or over confidence.

Tongue-fu Lady said...

are u complaining Raj?? thats a first1 :)

Raj said...

not complaining. thinking. it wud be fun to know such a charachter. like really know how they think. what they think. why they think that way!

but then thats true for everyone aint it? :P

Nikita Banerjee said...

I second this feisty blog post! Arnav blabber...believe me, I have met the man himself and he is so full of shit! Awesome post!

Tongue-fu Lady said...


I m glad the TV comes with mute button. I have been avoiding Times Now like plague past one month. Arnav Goswami gives me nightmare with his screeching voice and baseless accusations.

Anyways, bimbos like Poonam are a good break, although Team India is still failing miserably!

Zeba said...

Hear hear. ;)

phatichar said...

LOL @ 'deep mid wicked...err, wicket'.

Now, for the next post...?

Jack said...

T-f L,

LOL. You have a way with words. Sorry to be late but by now she is likely to be in Big Boss 5 also. As it goes she is supposed to spice it up.

Take care

PS : Left comment in previous post also. Missing your valuable views.

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