Saturday, August 4

Dependable deutschland

My next post in this blog was suppose be on my 10 month experience of Scotland. Unfortunately i got robbed of my laptop, jewellery and whatever cash i had on me, just three days after i landed in Germany. My draft with a good collection of pictures enriched in my memories were lost. Now i m stuck to blog from my mobile . Hence bear with my terse blogposts for next few days, which i believe should be frequent but  short ones.

Now back to my first week experience here. If i could define one word for Germany it would be dependable. Everything here runs on schedule...even nature. After spending considerable time in moody Scottish weather its a relief to be in a place where the weather predictions actually work..and honestly its nice to see the sun after so long.

But dependable deutschland is only because of the people here. I have been here only for a week and you may think its too early to be sure of their dependability,but so far i have  not been let down. Lets start with where i m working. My boss and my colleagues have been really nice and supportive . I wasn't expecting so much of support and concern from their part after the robbery . But I am honestly surprised and happy that I am amidst people who takes care of their employees. The work culture is amazing as well. We all sit in this one big  space with separate desks and not cubicles. The whole openness brings in positive vibes   and it makes you want to spend time there longer. But the fact that everyone makes a round in the morning greeting 'Guten morgen' to each other amazes me the most. Now that brings in a sense of belongingness in the workplace, and that is something I have always sought after.

But its not just people at my job who extended me a helping hand. My professor from my German university even expressed his concerns and if he could help me in any way. My German language teacher whom i met just 3 days ago even offered to find me a computer that I can use. Now that is something I never expected because I hardly know her. If that was not enough my landlady offered her daughter's laptop to me so that I can use it until I can buy 1 on my own. to be honest I'm truly overwhelmed by the german hospitality, and I am glad that I met these people, despite the small unfortunate incident.

Tomorrow I explore the city, but more on that later.  Tchuss!

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6 homies speak!:

Mõrämê€ said...

really nice one :)

Tongue-fu Lady said...

thank you

Himanshu Bhagat said...

Sounds really nice especially after the horrible incident! Any luck with the belongings? Take care :D

Nikita Banerjee Bhagat said...

May the robbers rot in hell! Hope you are doing well :) And your new workplace sounds grand! Hope the fun never ends

Jack said...

T-F L,

I am sure you will get you belongings back. It is good of you to tell something about where you are. Hope you have fun always while working so hard.

Take care

phatichar said...

Wonderful. I liked 'Tchuss' the best. Could almost visualize you doing that action with your fingers. :)

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