Thursday, April 9

The night that was...

Bob and Sharleen entered the house through the patio. The house was dark in the dead silence of the night.

"Bob, the staircase is to the left of the dining hall. We take the first flight and then right. That's where it is."

"How do you know the inside so well?"

"Oh, I worked as a maid here. Until Mrs. Black fired me."

Her creamy complexion looked too royal for a maid. For a moment, Bob was troubled.

"So you doing this all for a silly revenge?"

"Bob, this is no time to discuss. The patrol car passes by in another half an hour. We have to hurry."

"Fine. I got it." Bossy woman. He hates when she is in control. Except, maybe, the bedroom. He grinned.

"And Bob, be careful." She touches his arm.

Damn woman! Concentrate, Bob. Concentrate.

5 minutes later, they reach the staircase. Bob was amazed by the huge chandelier at the centre.

"Here, take the gun. Just incase."

"Sharleeenn! Where didja...?"

"Later Bob. Now take it."

The mahagony door was slightly ajar. Bob went agape when he looked in. The master bedroom was an image in white marble and mirrors.

"Stop drooling, you idiot!" She angrily hissed.

"Hey its my first big fish, dontcha get it?"

Inside, a body was under the covers of the kingsize bed. 

"Hey, you said the Blacks were on a holiday. What is he doing here?And where is she?"

"Looks like change of plan. You go over the bed and keep an eye on James. I will work on the safe."

"You call him by name?"

"Ya, we slept few times. That's when she found out and fired me."

"And so you stealing the Heart of Gold? A revenge?"Damn women and their vendetta!

"Ya, sorta." Damn kid, you ask too much.

Sleek as a leopard, she moves towards walk-in closet. Just few more minutes to waste, before the game is over. Honey, you so gonna pay. She couldn't help, but grin in the dark.

Bob moved nervously over the bed. The man in bed seemed to be in troubled sleep. No wonder, the rich never sleeps in peace. Suddenly, his eyes hovered over the huge picture above the bed. A wedding photo. The dark haired bride looked familiar. She looked He let out a small cry!

"Sharon honey, is that you?" Suddenly the body in bed was awake.

Bang!Bang!Bang! Three shots through the head, and James Black was dead. Bob didn't realise that he pulled the trigger. Before he could react, something hit him on his knees. He sprawled into the floor.

"Thank you, Bob. It was sooner than expected." 

Against the moonlight, she looked like an angel. My death angel. 

"Let me introduce myself. I am Sharon Black. And you've just killed my husband. Congratulations." And she laughed like a maniac.

This is a mad woman. Not my Sharleen. "Why me?"

"You were just my pawn, kid. And you just opened the doors to the Black empire, for me. Now that you know the secret. I have to kill you."

"But I love you."

"Too bad. I never loved you anyway. Goodbye lover!"

Early morning, a week later. She goes over the newspaper until one item caught her eyes. 
"...It was just a week ago that Mr. James Black was murdered at his home by an amateur thief. And even under such trauma, Mrs. Sharon Black successfully holds the fort as the new CEO of the Black Corporation. Friends and family is still mourning over the loss with the Black widow."

Yes, I am the Black widow.

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7 homies speak!:

Aniket said...

Glad to see you jump into fiction. I am very fond of deception stories and murder mysteries... so I loved this thoroughly.

Keep writing.

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Thanks Aniket. Your writing did inspire me to some extent..
Keep inspiring!:)

Kshitij said...

nice work...wat propted u 2 explore da real side of ur sex seriously nice stuff...kinda like hw da picture nuilds up inside ma head while m reading it..

Tongue-fu Lady said...

I have always acknowledged the power of the "fairer" sex...

Naga said...

Nice writeup. interesting

Tongue-fu Lady said...

Thanks Naga..that was the feminazi phase of my life :P

phatichar said...

ooooh, chilling. :)

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