Sunday, April 5

Will I ever see this again?

Today morning I woke up suddenly at 5. The sight I saw through the two huge windows on the opposite wall, was so outta nature's canvas. Early morning light through the clouds. The hills afar had a bluish tinge with the sky in the horizon adorned a pink glaze. The greens below were greener than usual. For  a moment I felt as if I was dreaming. Such a pristine sight. I feared moving just incase it was a dream. Like holding on the beautiful moments to last a lifetime. Such moments hardly come by or simply gets unnoticed in d humdrum routine of life. And I simply stared, quenching my thirst like on a hot day. Didn't realise when I drifted off to sleep. And I still wonder-Was this a dream? Or just my luck with reality?

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5 homies speak!:

Anonymous said...

All these trivial things, they happen give life some meaning even if they are dull....

Tongue-fu Lady said...

@ anon guy/gal:
its d small things that make life big :)

Anonymous said...

experienced are we. its anon guy btw.

Tongue-fu Lady said...

ok anon guy...happy life 2 ya! :)

Raj said...

try standing at the edge of a cliff at 5 am in some hill station and looking down into the valley. as the fog clears and the suns rays shine through them that's a sight. :)

and as you go through afternoon through the evening, try standing in the middle of a market at around 7 pm when all the shops have closed. thats a disaster.

irony is there is so much to see than we ever will simply cause we never open our eyes.

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