Friday, July 3

Right to live and love

A twist in a colonial law opens many a fate. Delhi HC's ruling on Section 377 has finally (atleast by law) liberated my country India and her gay children. For justice is blind and cannot discriminate on the basis of one's sexual orientation. Hence, consensual sex involving two adults of the same sex can no longer be a criminal offence. There is no reason for the hetero India to get paranoid. The ruling is only paving a way for this sexual minority to lead a normal and open life, at the same time get equal legal protection. Justice for all...isn't that whats law is all about??

The extent to which the government will support this is quite questionable. It will definitely be a political suicide, but atleast, we will (proudly) acknowledge the ruling party has balls to accept reality. Already the self-appointed guardians of Hindutwa, BJP is vehemently opposing it. Gay sex is immoral and unnatural and Indian society does not approve of it, they say. Sadly majority of the public still agrees with them reasoning that its against Indian "culture". But is it worth having such a culture where few live a life of lies and in the shadows of shame, just because of their plain "biological oreintations"?? THINK INDIA.THINK. Here I would like to add something that my cousin told me about gay-ism and ancient India. In his words:

"the shastras celebrate same-sex pairs, like co-mothers, rivers or friends. (but minors experimenting with same sex was punished with lashes but that was because losing virginity was said to reduce thechance of marriage) Agni, to whom most of the hymns of the Rig Veda are dedicated, is born of lesbian mothers. Some King of the Matsya Purana was turned by Shiva into a woman who then married the son of the moon. Mughal rulers openly accepted gay love. Scientifically everyone (can you handle the truth) at the very basic level is a female and male hormones are present in both males and females. super males & females are real abnormalities and you don't even want to know about that. What cause all the difference is the Hormones & Brain Wiring. So it boils down to your social morality, prejudice and plain fear of the unfamiliar."

Hence being gay is not a disease. And its one thing you have no control over. Ya you can hide it and live a life full of lies, but thats entirely your choice. If you ask me, its more of an ability. Your different choice doesn't make you a freak or a weirdo, you are just different than the rest of us. In plain english, you are unique. On a funnier note, the bis are damn lucky. They get the best of both the worlds. So walk with your head held high. And for the rest of you who are overwhelmed by "GAY SEX" and think its a western influence, kindly re-arrange your thoughts.

You may think that the country is swept off by the West Winds in a wrong way, in matters of homosexual liberation. But isn't it also true that this influence has made people more open and aware? Ignorance is no longer a bliss if you want to survive this age. Its time we actually learn to embrace and accept people and situations as they are. True, you just can't shake off your generations-old conservative beliefs in a day, but atleast make an effort to educate the public and raise public awareness about sexual minorities. It may be done in small steps but atleast towards the right direction.

For, love knows no boundaries, no sexual orientations either.

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Nikki said...

I agree with you. I believe in Live and Let Live. Sadly our political parties do not understand simple concepts.

Tongue-fu Lady said...

wow Nikki, that was really fast. but if we, the public accept this inalienable truth and go forward to be progressive indians... we can definitely pressurise the government to bend their staunch beliefs... hence it all starts with "us"!

devansh said...

accolades E...! very good stuff this time..!
read it in "why men dont listen and women cant read map" by Mr and Mrs Pease... they mention tht the reason behind this is hormonal imbalance while the child is still in the womb.... coz all the hormones to the foetus are fed by mother... so biological malfunctioning happens and is truly natural... this creates attraction towards same sex or both..! this is seen even in some animals... so no sign of "perv" here...!

Tongue-fu Lady said...

thanks alot D! =D

ya i read that m not quite shocked that every1 of us have both the male and female hormones :P

i guess only the illiterate homo-phobs are at the shocking end :P

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